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SunStrike Rock Your World AOR Heaven

Track Listing
· Power of the Dreams
· Rock Your World
· Fireball
· Right Track
· Roll The Dice
· Rock It Out
· Never Let You Go
· Higher
· Scream And Shout
· Into The Light
· Edge Of Life
· Heat Of The Night

Album Details
· Produced By: SunStrike / Mixed: Erik Martensson
· Running Time: 48
· Release Date: April 25
· Released:
· Genre: Melodic Rock/AOR
· LabelLink: AOR Heaven
· ArtistLink:
Artist Bio
SunStrike: A glare in the road that can temporarily blind drivers. But SunStrike will blind you with catchy melodies and big choruses!

The band was formed by guitarist Joachim Nordlund and the drummer Johan Lindstedt together with singer Christian Hedgren (Twilight Force, The Theander Expression) by the fall of 2012.

You also find Joachim and Johan in the Swedish metal act Astral Doors. Right from the start the three guys had a very clear image in how the music should sound like: pure melodic hard rock was on the agenda! When only a handful of songs were written they felt that the songs needed the touch of a real keyboard player. Up until then Joachim had done the keyboard parts on one or two songs.

Christian knew a guy that would be perfect for the job, and after a cup of coffee and a handshake Fredrik Plahn (Prey) joined the force. They all felt that this is far too good to be just a project and after a couple of weeks a second guitar player, Mats Gesar (Thalamus) and bass player Björn Lundqvist (Twilight Force) joined the band that now got the name SunStrike.

Two demo songs were posted on the band's facebook page in the summer of 2013, and immediately the word was out about this new melodic rock outfit from Sweden.

Radio stations started to play those songs and a couple of record companies showed their interest in the band. The song-writing/recording continued through 2013 in Joachim's Big Turn Studio until they had 12 songs that were strong enough for the album "Rock your World". For the mixing and mastering process SunStrike chose Erik Mårtensson (Eclipse, W.E.T).

Cover art and the booklet design was done by no one else but Carl-André Beckston (Monowasp). Get ready to be knocked by this SunStrike!