Robert Valdes Return Of The Rock Indie Release

Track Listing
Save Mother Earth
Let Me Go Back
Rock With Me Tonight
For You
Tell Me Who I Am
Give Back Your Heart

Part 2. Instrumental

Road Trip
Elektrik Fire
Keys To The Kingdom

Album Details
Produced By: Robert Valdes
Running Time: 51
Release Date: March 17
Released: Worldwide
Genre: Rock
Link: RV Records
Artist Bio

Veteran San Francisco based melodic rocker Robert Valdes has returned to the fray with his new album, 'RETURN OF THE ROCK'. This perfect melodic rock album features world-class vocals and guitar virtuoso performances as only Robert can deliver. In fact, the entire record was written, engineered, produced and performed entirely by Robert.

Return of the Rock is a must have for any lover of rock music. Part one of the album consists of 8 songs with vocals. Songs include some hard hitting power rock, a couple of ballads, an acoustic track, as well as the ultimate Eco anthem, 'SAVE MOTHER EARTH'.

Part two of the album consists of 4 instrumental songs that feature Robert's stunning guitar work and soundtrack sensibility. These songs were initially intended for a separate, instrumental release. But Robert decided at the 11th hour to include them on RETURN OF THE ROCK.

RETURN OF THE ROCK is available as a pre-order at the iTunes music store.