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Various Artists Frontiers Rock Festival - Compilation CD Frontiers Records

Track Listing
· L.R.S. 'Livin' 4 a Dream'¯ (taken from the album 'Down to the Core'¯)
· Adrenaline Rush 'Change'¯ (exclusive premiere from the forthcoming album 'Adrenaline Rush)
· Moon Land ft. Lenna Kuurmaa 'Heaven Is to Be Close to You'¯ (exclusive premiere from the forthcoming album 'Moon Land)
· Three Lions '¯Trouble In a Red Dress'¯ (taken from the album 'Three Lions')
· Crazy Lixx 'Sympathy'¯ (exclusive premiere from the forthcoming album 'TBA')
· State of Salazar 'All the Way'¯ (exclusive premiere from the forthcoming album 'All the Way'¯)
· Issa 'Invincible (Acoustic)'¯ (previously unreleased in Europe)
· Dalton 'Hey You'¯ (exclusive premiere from the forthcoming album 'Pit Stop ')
· W.E.T. 'Victorious'¯ (previously unreleased in Europe)
· Hardline 'Fever Dreams'¯ (taken from the album 'Danger Zone'¯)
· Eclipse 'Into the Fire'¯ (previously unreleased outside Sweden)
· Angelica 'Can't Stop Love'¯ (taken from the album 'Thrive'¯)
· Place Vendome 'Power of Music'¯ (taken from the album 'Thunder in the Distance'¯)
· M.I.M. 'On My Own'¯ (exclusive premiere – special version for the FRF compilation )

Album Details
· Produced By: Various
· Running Time: 56
· Release Date: Out Now
· Released: EU
· Genre: Melodic Rock
· WebLink:
· LabelLink: Frontiers
Artist Bio

L.R.S. “Livin’ 4 a Dream” (Larry King, Alain Quinn)
published by Frontiers Records/Oyez!
L.R.S. stands for Tommy La Verdi (21 Guns), Josh Ramos (The Storm, Hardline) and Michael Shotton (Von Groove, Airtime). Born as a studio project under the direction and supervision of Alessandro Del Vecchio and Frontiers' President Serafino Perugino, their music has the precise task to bring back the classic US AOR style of bands such as Journey or The Storm.

Adrenaline Rush “Change” (Erik Mårtensson/Miqael Persson)
published by Blowout Publishing / KashKow Music
Featuring the stunning Tåve Wanning as front-woman, Adrenaline Rush are the newest sensation of the Swedish Melodic Hard Rockscene. Under the direction of producer and songwriter Erik Martensson, the band has recently finished the recording their debut album: a superb mix or melodies, energy and pure R'n'R attitude! Their debut album is planned for a release in late August.

Moon Land “Heaven Is to Be Close to You” (Alessandro Del Vecchio)
published by Frontiers Records/Oyez!
Lenna Kuurmaa is a 360° artist, singer and actress. Born in Estonia, Lenna has been the frontwoman of the Pop-Rock sensation Vanilla Ninja. Lately she started a solo career in her country. The Moon Land project sees her coming back to Melodic Rock with a musical style mostly akin to Heart and Europe. The debut album will be released in the fall of 2014.

Three Lions ”Trouble In a Red Dress” (Vinny Burns, Nigel Bailey, Greg Morgan)
published by Frontiers/Oyez!
The name says it all: the three British lions are Vinny Burns (ex Dare, Ten, Asia) on guitars, Greg Morgan (ex Dare, Ten) on drums and the amazing new talent of Nigel Bailey on bass and vocals. With the help of producer Alessandro Del Vecchio, the band has recently released their eponymous debut album, which is gathering rave reviews from all over the World!

Crazy Lixx “Sympathy” (Danny Rexon)
published by Sony ATV
In between the first bands to come out of "The New Wave of Swedish Sleaze"(along with Crashdļet, Hardcore Superstar, Vains of Jenna etc.), Crazy Lixx have been able to create, though the years, their own style, thanks to great cds like "New Religion" and the latest "Riot Avenue". This new song serves as an appetizer while waiting for the new album planned for a release later in the year.

State of Salazar “All the Way” (Marcus Nygren, Johan Thuresson, Kristian Brun Stagnell, Johannes Hansson, Stefan Mårtenson)
published by Frontiers/Oyez!
Everything starts in 2010 at the Malmö Academy of Music: five students put together a band in order to play some “feel-good" Arena Rock-music. State of Salazar play a rich, varied and technical Melodic Rock, which mixes influences from past giants such as Toto and Journey with a very current vibe and sound. Look out for their debut album in the shops in August.

Issa “Invincible (Acoustic)” (Tom Martin, Mike Wilson, Isabell Oversveen, James Martin)
published by CHRYSALIS SONGS BENELUX adm. by Cafč Concerto/MCPS
Issa, the Norwegian Rock Diva, has built her own style and approach to Melodic Rock by mixing her peculiar and unique melodic and pop sensibility with a rocking attitude. Her three albums, "Sign Of Angels" (2010), "The Storm" (2011) and "Can't Stop" (2012) prove it. This song was originally released as Japanese-only bonus track for “The Storm”.

Dalton “Hey You” (Bo Lindmark, Anders Lindmark, Ola Lindström, Leif Westfahl, Mats Dahlberg, Anders Livåg. Text: Mikael Larsson)
published by Frontiers/Oyez!
Put together in 1985 by the former TREAT drummer Mats "Dalton" Dahlberg, Dalton released two classic Swedish Melodic Hard Rock albums: "The Race Is On" (1987) and "Injection" (1989), before disbanding in the early 90’s. Now some 20 years later the magic is back and you can enjoy the first cut off the forthcoming album “Pit Stop” planned for a release in the fall.

W.E.T. “Victorious” (Robert Säll, Erik Mårtensson, Miqael Persson, Jeff Scott Soto)
published by Frontiers Records/Oyez!
After releasing two killer albums, W.E.T recorded in early 2012 in Stockholm a full show for the launch of the sophomore release “Rise Up”. With more extraordinary live performances, W.E.T. completed the transition from a studio project to a true live band. The track on offer is the original Japanese bonus track for “Rise Up”.

Hardline “Fever Dreams” (Alessandro Del Vecchio)
published by Frontiers Records/Oyez!
Mostly known for the epic debut album "Double Eclipse" released in 1992, which saw Neal Schon (of Journey and Bad English fame) on guitars, With a superb follow up released in 2012 “Danger Zone” and a new lineup featuring Josh Ramos on guitar and Alessandro Del Vecchio on keyboards, Hardline is alive and kickin’…

Eclipse “Into the Fire” (Erik Martensson, Magnus Henriksson, Miqael Persson)
publisched by Frontiers Records/Oyez!
Erik Martensson is a true force of nature! Musician, singer, producer, songwriter... this guy can literally do everything and he does it well! With his band - Eclipse – he released four acclaimed albums and is now about to enter the studio for a new one planned for early 2015! This song was originally released as bonus cut on the Sweden Rock Magazine distributed single “Bleed and Scream” and is unavailable elsewhere.

Angelica “Can’t Stop Love” (Angelica Rylin)
published by Frontiers Records/Oyez!
Best known for being the singer in The Murder of My Sweet, Angelica Rylin finally decided to pursue her childhood dream and to walk in the footsteps of such amazing singers such as Ann Wilson of Heart, Leigh Matty of Romeo's Daughter or Robin Beck and record her debut solo album “Thrive”, released last December 2013, in a true Melodic Rock style.

Place Vendome “Power of Music” (Alessandro Del Vecchio)
published by Frontiers Records/Oyez!
Place Vendome started in 2004 when singer Michael Kiske, following a self imposed exile from the rock and metal scene which lasted a few years after his departure from HELLOWEEN and solo career, accepted to be part of a Melodic Rock oriented concept put together by Frontiers Records’ President Serafino Perugino. Three albums followed and this song is taken from the last album “Thunder in the Distance”.

M.I.M. “On My Own” (Christofer Björk, Linus Blad)
published by Frontiers Records/Oyez!
M.I.M. (standing for “More IS More” – the forthcoming debut album title) is another super-hot Melodic Rock newcomer from Sweden featuring Chris Bjork, Jimmy Claeson, Linus Blad, Rickard Bonde and Kristian Larsen. Their sound is going to take by surprise all the Melodic Rock fans mixing influences from Bon Jovi and Toto and this song shows all the potential (though vocals on this exclusive version are performed by David Fremberg of Andromeda).