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Welcome to the annual end of year summary and awards page!
The is the final word on the best releases and recommended listening for the year 2002.
Read on for a list of the best albums, best songs and other recommended listening for the past year. Take a look ahead at 2003 - what to expect and what will and won't happen.
And if that isn't enough - post your Top 10 lists and vote in the annual readers choice poll.

The Best Albums of 2002

(Ranked In Order)

  1. Harem Scarem - Weight Of The World
  2. Mecca - Mecca
  3. Def Leppard - X
  4. Mike Tramp - Recovering The Wasted Years
  5. Westworld - Cyberdreams

  6. Humanimal - Humanimal
  7. Eric Martin - I'm Going Sane
  8. Snakes In Paradise - Dangerous Love
  9. Butch Walker - Left Of Self Centered
  10. TaxiRide - Garage Mahal

  11. Goo Goo Dolls - Gutterflower
  12. Jeff Scott Soto - Prism
  13. LA Guns - Waking The Dead
  14. Sammy Hagar - Not For Sale
  15. Avril Lavigne - Let Go
  16. Hardline - II
  17. Cornerstone - Human Stain
  18. Heartland - Communication Down
  19. Hughes / Turner - Hughes Turner Project
  20. Jaded Heart - The Journey Will Never End

  21. Alfonzetti - Machine
  22. Phil Naro - Glass Mountain
  23. Honeymoon Suite - Dreamland
  24. Dokken - Long Way From Home
  25. Unruly Child - Basement Demos
  26. Jack Russell - For You
  27. Grand Illusion - View From The Top
  28. Shy - Unfinished Business
  29. Adriangale - Re:Program
  30. Boston - A Tribute To

Honorable Mentions: (in no particular order)
  • Bruce Springsteen - The Rising
  • 7 Months - 7 Months
  • Dio - Killing The Dragon
  • Jim Peterik - Rock America Live
  • 7 Months - 7 Months
  • Northwind - Seasons
  • Mollo/Martin - The Cage 2
  • Axel Rudi Pell - Shadow Zone
  • 21 Guns - Demolition
  • Last Tribe - Witch Dance
  • Two Fires - Ignition
  • Loud & Clear - Disc-Connected
  • Vital Signs - Vital Signs
  • Baron - Baron
  • Magnum - Breath Of Life
  • Talon - Talon
  • AOR - LA Reflection
  • Willie Hines - Yeah Right
  • Lillian Axe - Live
  • Rain - House Of Dreams
  • Rush - Vapor Trails
  • Crown Of Thorns - Karma
  • Matchbox Twenty - More Than You Think You Are
  • Frontline - Against The World
  • 101 South - Roll Of The Dice
  • Tom Cochrane & Red Rider - Trapeze: The Collection
  • Shiva - Shiva
  • Venice - Welcome To The Rest Of Your Life
  • Biloxi - Right The Music
  • Evidence One - Criticize The Truth
  • Poley Pichler - Big
  • Final Frontier - The First Wave
  • Hughes Turner - Live
  • Street Talk - Restoration
  • Rondinelli - Our Cross Our Sins
  • Ted Nugent - Craveman
  • Yngwie Malmsteen - Attack!
  • John West - Earth Maker
  • Dave Meniketti - Meniketti
  • Fury - Fury
  • SR-71 - Tomorrow
(Ranked In Order)

  1. Humanimal - Humanimal
  2. Hughes Turner Project - HTP
  3. Cornerstone - Human Stain
  4. LA Guns - Waking The Dead
  5. Rush - Vapor Trails
  6. Dio - Chasing The Dragon
  7. Rondinelli - Our Cross, Our Sins
  8. John West - Earth Maker
  9. 7 Months - 7 Months
  10. Yngwie Malmsteen - Attack!
(Ranked In Order)

  1. Mecca - Mecca
  2. Frontline - Against The World
  3. Crown Of Thorns - Karma
  4. Poley Pichler - Big
  5. Street Talk - Restoration
  6. Biloxi - Right The Music
  7. 101 South - Roll Of The Dice
  8. Two Fires - Ignition
  9. Shy - Unfinished Business
  10. AOR - LA Reflection
  11. Final Frontier - The First Wave
(Ranked In Order)

  1. Butch Walker - Left Of Self Centered
  2. TaxiRide - Garage Mahal
  3. Goo Goo Dolls - Gutterflower
  4. Avril Lavigne - Let Go
  5. Alfonzetti - Machine
  6. Matchbox Twenty - More Than You Think You Are
  7. SR-71 - Tomorrow
  8. BBMak - Into Your Head
  9. Tonic - Head On Straight
  10. Kevin Lee - Loaded

(Ranked In Order)

  1. Westworld - Beautiful
  2. TaxiRide - Saffron
  3. Harem Scarem - Killing Me
  4. Mecca - Silence Of The Heart
  5. Harem Scarem - End Of Time
  6. Mecca - Falling Down
  7. Goo Goo Dolls - Big Machine
  8. Eric Martin - Untouchable
  9. Humanimal - Find My Way Home
  10. Mike Tramp - Falling Down

  11. Westworld - Righteous One
  12. Avril Lavigne - Complicated
  13. Hardline - Face The Night
  14. Def Leppard - Long, Long Way To Go
  15. Mike Tramp - Darkness
  16. Snakes In Paradise - Move On
  17. Humanimal - Road 2 4giveness
  18. Harem Scarem - Charmed Life
  19. Eric Martin - Goin' Sane
  20. Boston - I Had A Good Time

  21. Jeff Scott Soto - 2 Late 4 Goodbyes
  22. Mecca - Without You
  23. Bon Jovi - Bounce
  24. Def Leppard - Now
  25. Butch Walker - Sober
  26. Snakes In Paradise - Fire & Rain
  27. Jaded Heart - On The Rise
  28. Dogface - Not Wanted
  29. SR-71 - They All Fall Down
  30. Goo Goo Dolls - Think About Me

  31. Harem Scarem - Weight Of The World
  32. Mike Tramp - Living A Lie
  33. Hardline - Y
  34. Two Fires - Ignition
  35. Jaded Heart - Only Human
  36. Humanimal - Again 2 B Found 3
  37. Rick Springfield - Faithful
  38. Matchbox Twenty - Downfall
  39. Avril Lavigne - I'm With You
  40. Avril Lavigne - Sk8ter Boi

Honorable Mentions: (in no particular order)
  • Snakes In Paradise - Dangerous Love
  • Def Leppard - Torn To Shreds
  • Hughes Turner Project - On The Ledge
  • Harem Scarem - You Ruined Everything
  • Mike Tramp - Mr. Death
  • Def Leppard - You're So Beautiful
  • Mecca - Velocitized
  • Snakes In Paradise - Come On Join The Party
  • Venice - Think Again
  • Def Leppard - Scar
  • Def Leppard - Unbelievable
  • Eric Martin - Fly
  • Alfonzetti - The Bitter End
  • Harem Scarem - This Ain't Over
  • Hughes Turner Project - Devil's Road
  • Hughes Turner Project - Heaven's Missing An Angel
  • Humanimal - Who Do U Think U R
  • Mecca - Close That Gap
  • Mecca - Wishing Well
  • Westworld - How Good It Feels
  • Westworld - A Million Miles
  • Goo Goo Dolls - Here Is Gone
  • Eric Martin - My Disease
  • Jaded Heart - Lucky Son
  • Rain - Anywhere The Wind Blows
  • Rain - Talkin' To My Heart
  • Push - Heart Is An Empty Space
  • Butch Walker - My Way
  • Sammy Hagar - Things've Changed
  • Sammy Hagar - Not For Sale
  • Boston - Corporate America
  • Bon Jovi - The Distance
  • Street Talk - Why Is My Heart Feeling Lonely Tonight
  • Alfonzetti - Barbie Doll
  • TaxiRide - How I Got This Way
  • LA Guns - Waking The Dead
  • LA Guns - Don't Look At Me That Way
  • Rush - One Little Victory
  • Butch Walker - Suburbia
  • Cornerstone - Some People Fly
  • Phil Naro - Find My Way Back To You
  • Fury - No For An Answer
  • Adriangale - If
  • Adriangale - Part Of Me
  • Grand Illusion - Who's It Gonna Be
  • Heartland - All Her Own Way
  • Honeymoon Suite - Radiant
  • Frontline - Lightning Eyes
  • Dokken - Sunless Days
  • Magnum - Still
  • Baron - Ship Of Fools
  • Dogface - Sleeping With The Enemy
  • Jack Russell - Any Kind Of Love
  • Kick The Kangaroo - Last Kiss
  • Nick Carter - I Got You
  • Tom Cochrane - Pictures From The Edge
  • Biloxi - Out On The Streets
  • Joey Tempest - Forgiven
  • Sammy Hagar - Make It Alright
  • Jeff Scott Soto - Don't Wanna Say Goodbye
  • Venice - I'm Not Myself
  • Eric Bazilian - Lucky To Be
  • Matchbox Twenty - Unwell
  • Shiva - Down Jones Index
  • Nightwish - Bless The Child
  • Tom Cochrane - Just Like Ali
  • Evidence One - Trust Vs Heart
  • Poley Pichler - Better Off Dead
  • Poley Pichler - You're The One
  • Boston - Stare Out Your Window
  • Toto - Burn Down The Mission
  • Robert Fleischman - Heaven To Me
  • Soul Doctor - Good Times Slipping Away
  • Bon Jovi - Love Me Back To Life
  • Street Talk - A Place In The Sun
  • Alfonzetti - My Machine
  • Rondinelli - Meaning Of Evil
  • Shameless - She's Not Coming Home
  • TaxiRide - Forrest For The Treets
  • Ted Nugent - Damned If You Do
  • Yngwie Malmsteen - Rise Up
  • Silver - Head Or Heart
  • John West - When World's Collide
  • Dave Meniketti - Messin' With Mr Big
  • Hardline - Only A Night
  • Crown Of Thorns - Till You've Had Enough
  • Crown Of Thorns - Gotta Get Next To You
  • Rush - Earthshine
  • Lost Weekend - Feed On Emotion
  • Cornerstone - Unchosen One
  • Butch Walker - Alicia Amnesia
  • Phil Naro - Heartbreak In The Night
  • Fury - Higher Ground
  • Bruce Springsteen - The Rising
  • Bruce Springsteen - Lonesome Day
  • Shy - Skydiving
  • Shy - Breakaway
  • 7 Months - Change
  • 7 Months - Stay
  • Adriangale - Heartbreak Guaranteed
  • Grand Illusion - Between Dark And Dawn
  • Grand Illusion - I Refuse
  • Bowes & Morley - Dancing The Night Away
  • Bowes & Morley - Change
  • Dio - Better In The Dark
  • Heartland - Time And Tide
  • Heartland - Imagine My Surprise
  • Poison - Wishful Thinking
  • Slav Simanic - People Say
  • Honeymoon Suite - Dreamland
  • Honeymoon Suite - So Hard
  • Silent Rage - Unchained
  • 101 South - Don't Stop Believing
  • Frontline - One Night
  • Talon - Wrecking Ball
  • Talon - Still You Run
  • Vicious Mary - Love Or Hate
  • Mollo/Martin - Terra Toria
  • Dokken - Little Girl
  • Axel Rudi Pell - Edge Of The World
  • Magnum - This Heart
  • Jeff Austin Project - So You Ran
  • Loud & Clear - Time To Let Go
  • Baron - All I Want Is You

(Ranked In Order)

  1. HTP - On The Ledge
  2. Humanimal - Road 2 4giveness
  3. Cornerstone - Some People Fly
  4. LA Guns - Waking The Dead
  5. Rush - One Little Victory
  6. Rondinelli - Meaning Of Evil
  7. Vicious Mary - Love Or Hate
  8. Hardline - Weight
  9. Dogface - Not Wanted
  10. Talon - Still You Run
(Ranked In Order)

  1. Mecca - Silence Of The Heart
  2. Def Leppard - Long Long Way To Go
  3. Hardline - Face The Night
  4. Mike Tramp - Darkness
  5. Avril Lavigne - I'm With You
  6. Bon Jovi - Love Me Back To Life
  7. Journey - Walking Away From The Edge
  8. Butch Walker - Sober
  9. Rick Springfield - Faithful
  10. Def Leppard - Unbelievable
(Ranked In Order)

  1. TaxiRide - Saffron
  2. Avril Lavigne - Complicated
  3. Butch Walker - Suburbia
  4. Alfonzetti - Barbie Doll
  5. Joey Tempest - Forgiven
  6. Honeymoon Suite - Radiant
  7. Kick The Kangaroo - Last Kiss
  8. BBMak - Out Of My Heart
  9. Butch Walker - My Way
  10. SR-71 - We All Fall Down

2002 was an interesting year. On a personal note it was the single most amazing year in my life - I got married, Cathy got pregnant and then went through a really tough few months, little Nicholas was born and then it was over! Thanks to everyone that e-mailed or posted well-wishes. It was fantastic fun to read and shows what a great community of people we have here.
So what could 2003 come up with to top that?
Professionally speaking, it was the first year of working on this site full time - which presented new challenges and a few problems, but also a lot of big positives.
The site re-design was finally completed, but needed an immediate overhaul as some parts just didn't work in practice. Some more tweaking in 2003 is expected.
I also dropped a few changes along the way, as I want to concentrate on the core elements of the site. That will be the aim in 2003 too - more news, reviews, soundbytes and interviews. That core of the site is the most important and that's where my energy will be going. That and the MR-X Members area! Thanks to all those that have shown their belief in the site by joining that area - I hope to continue bringing you all cool exclusives throughout 2003.

Traffic continued to rise to the site over the course of the year - currently the site is getting nearly 250,000 frontpage hits a month. Melodic rock ain't dead yet!

The site Noticeboard continues to be an interesting area of the site. I get countless e-mails and messages from melodic rock fans saying that they appreciate the ability to be able to post and talk with like minded individuals and many have also picked up new music thanks to others posting their thoughts on recent purchases.
For that reason alone it remains a vital part of the site. But the fact that it's an open forum means there are a few problems. The board gets abused regularly by those looking to push their own agenda and that is one thing I am going to do my best to eliminate once and for all during 2003. I hate deleting posts, as it sometimes leads to people crying fowl, but the reality is that the majority want to enjoy the board for what it is and would like it to be a bullshit free zone.
That's the plan!
I didn't want to roll out the usual we have to work together clique's, but...the scene does not need fragments working against the better good of the community as a whole.
I hope to do my part to bridge gaps and solve problems during this year and into the next.

One other story is worth mentioning for a laugh. I was asked by a band's management to present a unofficially "leaked" full-length MP3 by them on the frontpage, which I did. I unfortunately let slip somewhere where that directive came from, which was promptly posted over at the band's official website message board. It then hit the fan and the song was later removed quietly. The band's forum was also later closed down and I haven't heard from the band or their management company since. Live and learn I more agreeing to hair-brained ideas.

So that's enough site and scene about the music? What happened in 2002?
The bad news is that there really weren't too many scandals to make fun of. Hopefully ego's will be bigger in 2003 to ensure a few more laughs.
2002 was the best year for music that I have seen since doing this site. I had more trouble compiling the Best Of lists this year than any year previous and that suggests that there is more great music out there. Naturally there is some shit, or below average releases - but that's ok. The higher the quality of the rest of the CD releases in the market place, the less the shitty titles will sell and become unviable for release.

Kurt Torster will love this - but I have to confess that nu-breed rock made a major impact in 2002. It was only last year when I said that nu-breed would have to produce something huge to get the genre going again, otherwise melodic fans will have to wait for something else to strike at mainstream.
It seems 2002 saw that very thing happen with some monster releases and a ton of new names enter the fray. Now I don't believe many of these made huge chart impacts, but the fact that the music is being made, sounds great and some of it released on major labels is at least keeping the flame alive.
The year's biggest seller was Avril Lavigne, who's spunky debut album continues to sell by the truck load. Hopefully those that dig that album - new and old fans - will look for more along those lines and that in turn will lead them online and right into our lair....

So nu-breed came back with a hit, but what about classic melodic rock and AOR. No such luck as far as any major label interest - but I don't expect that anyway. What I did see in 2002 was a further increase in the quality of releases from the melodic rock labels. There was also several new arrives on the label front. All of them seem to have their own little flair and I wish them all the best of luck.
Things are certainly more active and interesting then they were back in 1994-97. Now & Then were the only label at one stage and now look at it!
One thing is for sure - all labels need our support for them to continue to prosper, improve and offer an outlet for our favourite artists to continue to record our favourite music. Don't think I mean blind enthusiasm - there will be some releases that are not up to the standard of others. But whether it's pure AOR, melodic rock, hard rock, progressive or metal - support your favourite artists!

2002 - Predictions from last year...
One of my favorite things to do over the last few years has been to predict what the year ahead holds.
I'll do it again a little bit further down the page, but right now I guess it's time to see just how close I got it with my 2002 predictions from last year's awards page.

My first prediction was that it would be an even more colorful year than 2001 was. Well, it was better musically, but scandals were way down. Disappointingly so! Yngwie's only negative publicity came from a lame 12 year old tape recording and UFO didn't even attempt a tour. Axl Rose really was the only major twat of the year, so let's hope there are a few more scandals in the coming 12 months.

First were my hot tips for albums to watch for in 2002. A few hits and a couple of misses. Mecca, Mike Tramp and Harem Scarem all nailed it, with albums that would make any best of list in any year.
Heartland also released their best effort yet, with a great production featured. Now, if they add the anthem style choruses of a Journey album, there would be no stopping them.
I also mentioned Baron as one to watch. They delivered a good album, but it hasn't lived up to it's promise over the 12 months and in hindsight, could have been more consistent.
Magnum's comeback album was for me, also disappointing. Below average songs and a really programmed feel to it. High hopes for the next one. I know some will disagree with that assessment though.
What about the other 2002 predicted highlights?
Albums that turned out winners as hoped/expected: Def Leppard, Westworld, Street Talk, Cornerstone, Adriangale, Frontline, Goo Goo Dolls, Rain, Hughes/Turner.
Now, of these albums, Def Leppard and Westworld really pleased me. The Leps got a bit of stick for being all soft and not rocking enough, but those ignoring this album really are doing themselves out of some of the finest adult pop/rock songs available. Tony Harnell proved he still has a monster voice, with the band's most commercial and fabulous album yet.
Adriangale was well received, but I still think it could have been beefier. The Goo Goo Dolls showed they still write some of the finest nu-breed out there, but for the love of God, kill the vocals from Robby.
Albums that received a mixed response: Rush (some love it, some hate it....I'm in-between), Hardline (love it/hate it....I think it's cool, but it could have been even better), Dokken (I like it, but they didn't use Norum to their advantage) and Bon Jovi (better than Crush, but relatively boring in the end).
Bombs: Boston's 8 year trek to release new material failed to inspire most. It feature some killer songs, but just isn't a very cohesive album. Sales flop. Toto's covers album was met with similar mixed responses. Dogface forgot to write any choruses, so their much anticipated follow up didn't go too well.
The biggest disappointments from the 2002 predictions: Boston, Toto and Dogface.
I predicted Harem Scarem would spark debate with their new release and sure enough it did - combining the best elements of their classic sound and those closer to their recent Rubber work. For me, releases like these are what bridges the gap between fans of the old and the new. It will be interesting to hear what the next album will bring.

Some anticipated albums that didn't make it out: Duran Duran, Mickey Thomas, Raine, Stranded, Norway, Lynch/Pilson, Burning Rain and Drive She Said!
Also promised for 2002 that didn't show - House Of Lords, Tesla and the possibility of a Night Ranger album. Three possible classics, three strikes!
Now, I copped some flack for predicting that Tesla wouldn't get their new studio album out in 2002. Sure enough, it didn't happen, so those that mailed can e-mail apologies now!
Who else did I say won't make records in 2002? Van Halen - Correct; Foreigner - Correct; Meatloaf - Correct and Survivor - Correct; Skid Row - Correct!

What else transpired?
Westworld released a classic album that saw them get some major press coverage, including praise in the widely circulated LA Weekly, but they remain an independent artist in the US - but so is Journey now, so who cares?
As long as we support the artists, the music will continue. Be nice though if mainstream media gave a little more credit where due.

2002 saw a few events take place that you couldn't have predicted. How about Sammy Hagar and David Lee Roth touring together? Strange stuff indeed. It was from all accounts a great tour, but the B.S. back and forth between the guys to generate publicity was kind of sad. So to was Roth's refusal to jam with Sammy for the encore each night. That would have been something to see.
Michael Anthony joined Sammy on stage and also talked up new of a VH release, but alas, nothing ever eventuated.
In fact the Van Halen fiasco sunk further into a farce, with the band left without any support staff or a record label and remain without a singer.
What was hardest to swallow was the complete lack of any kind of statement or update from the VH camp. Sure, Eddie told us he was healthy again in a 2 line statement, but otherwise the dwindling legion of VH fans (me included) were left sucking our thumbs. For each month that passes there are less people that care...

Hagar released a new album - which, even though it was rough as guts, was pretty good again. I hear that he's pretty upset with the lack of label support for it and it not willing to record anything else unless a good deal is in place prior. Can't blame Sammy for think that, but he has just joined the ranks of most other classic rock artists out there.

Yngwie made the headlines again - this time for going nuts at a woman some 15 years ago. How sad that something like that should surface now. His new studio was pretty good though, making up for last year's release. Too late for Spitfire though, who after re-releasing all his back catalogue last year, weren't interested in the new album.

Def Leppard released their new album X, which came as a pleasant surprise to me and won some favorable reviews. But alas, the record label could give two shits and the album has sunk without much fanfare. The guys played a few US dates, but with little push behind them, it wasn't surprising to see the album slip from the charts. But, I'm ever hopeful, it's a classic and rather commercial album, so there isn't any reason why it can't be a sleeper, just like Hysteria was. Of course, some fans accused the guys of selling out and going soft. Cried of selling out to outside influences also – but check the album credits people – there are only 2 songs on the whole album written outside the band.
Those dissing the album for being too soft are missing some classic melodic rock songs.

Bon Jovi released their new album – again preaching their worth as a hard rock band and talking up the album. But on arrival it's chock full of ballads again. A major let down…but at least it was better than Crush.

Whitesnake are back together - well Coverdale's band are at least - with an all new line-up, aside from drummer Tommy Aldridge. Should be good to hear, although I can't help but be disappointed that John Sykes and Coverdale couldn't reach terms on a new union.

Guns N Roses made the headlines for all the wrong reasons. With only half a tour completed, that being with an out of shape singer who was the only original band member means that there is a lot of work to be done to make the band's next album a success.

Jorn Lande confused everyone by leaving-joining-leaving Millenium, also dropped his own solo band, left Ark and joined Masterplan. Could 2003 get any more complex?

Another with a string of bad press behind him was Motley Crue vocalist Vince Neil. He stumbled blindly through 2002, abusing a crowd of his own fans, punching one guy out and apparently even his girlfriend most recently.

Sebastian Bach made a dick of himself on UK TV and threw a friend of mine out of his tour bus, threatening him with his life after he pulled out a promo of the new Skid Row single.

Kiss are still going....sometimes without Ace, sometimes without Peter...occasionally without both. Paul Stanley made the most bizarre claim of the year, giving in principle support to a Kiss line up without any original members!

Sony Music sent out copies of the new Pearl Jam album glued into Discman's, but I still got a copy off the net!

Gotthard split with their long-time producer/writing partner Chris Von Rohr. The result of that will be heard shortly, with the release of their new album.

MTM Music released a press release urging people to buy, not copy. It seems CDR copying is really heavily eating into all label profits. Fair call - personally, if I like an album, I want everything, original art, original CD etc.
However, the answer does not lie with CD copy protection. On more than one occasion this year I was left without the ability to listen/review and feature soundbytes of an artist, due to having bought a protected CD.
I can't sit at this PC and listen to it, or write a review, as the CD-Row won't recognize the disc and I can't format any MP3 soundbytes for you all to sample. People won't buy unless they can sample, so who's the winner here?

As I said earlier - Nu-breed made an impact - with some great music released by Avril Lavigne, Butch Walker, Simple Plan, SR-71, TaxiRide, matchbox twenty, Goo Goo Dolls. A few melodic rockers went nu-ish, with Eric Martin's album a rocking surprise and Alfonzetti's new album quite modern. Eric was well received, but Alfonzetti seems to have failed to excite. Shame - I think he's a cleaver writer and the album does contain some great tunes.
Honeymoon Suite's is it too - and again I think there were some great tunes there, but the fact the album is now available in 3 formats and two titles could have confused the public. Just one version next time please...

There were some great pure AOR releases - Mecca being the standout as far as I'm concerned. Both albums Shy and their singer Tony Mills were solid, as were AOR releases by Frontline (always reliable), Crown Of Thorns (back in form), Snakes In Paradise (brilliant blues rock AOR?), Street Talk, Jaded Heart, AOR, Biloxi, Poley/Pichler and the double of Harlan Cage and 101 South.
Sad thing is - not all of them worked commercially. I know for a fact 101 South/Harlan Cage's Roger Scott Craig can't see another album happening anytime soon. That's too bad - again, more great music going begging.

Some classic melodic rock releases in the shape of Harem Scarem, Westworld, Mike Tramp, Jeff Scott Soto, Heartland, Adriangale and Def Leppard appeared - all worthy of reaching Top 10 lists everywhere.
Hard rock fans weren't left out either - high quality records from Humanimal, Hardline, Cornerstone, Hughes/Turner, LA Guns, Talon, Mollo/Martin and Dio meant that there really was something for all hard music fans.

A sometimes serious (sometimes not) look at the year just past:

Firstly (and regrettably...) RIP: Another year and another set of names to add to the RIP list. Among those that departed our world this year were:
Gus Dudgeon, Tom Dowd and Mike Stone (producers), Judith Randell (songwriter), Robin Crosby (Ratt), James Dewar (Robin Trower band singer), John Entwistle (TheWho), Timothy White (Billboard Editor), Dee Dee Ramone (Ramones), Kevin Macmichael (Cutting Crew, Robert Plant), Joe Strummer (The Clash), Ray Palmer (Kerrang Photographer).
Other notable RIPs: Midnight Oil, Mr. Big and Gold Circle Records.

On a lighter note:

The 'Harem Scarem' Please Release It Under One Name Award: Honeymoon Suite - for Honeymoon Suite Lemon Tongue (Canada), Dreamland (Europe) and Dreamland (Canada)

The Welcome Back in 2003 Award: *TIE* Europe, Hugo, 220 Volt, Twisted Sister, White Sister, Freddy Curci, Brian Spence, Cats In Boots, TNT, FM and Living Color

The Please Go Away Again Award: The Doors.

The Just Release The Bloody Thing Already Award: Lots of deserving winners: Danger Danger - Rarities, Skid Row - Thick Is The Skin; and from last year - still waiting for Millenium's Covers Album!

The Just Finish The Bloody Record Already Award: House Of Lords, Danny Danzi, Johnny Lima, Diving For Pearls, Millenium's covers album!

Due in 2006 Award: Van Halen - But will they get it together by then?

Best Packed Album With Cool Bonus Stuff Award: Racer X for their new album packaged with no less than a bonus double live album. Makes that Japanese retail price a little less ugly! Runners up: Unruly Child for that cool DVD and Tom Cochrane for the bonus 7 track live CD on his new Greatest Hits package.

The Too Much Weed Smoking 'I'm Paranoid' Award: Jorn Lande for quitting Millenium, Ark and firing his solo band.

The Screw What The Readers Want Award: Classic Rock Magazine for putting together a tasteful AOR feature only to edit out anything that made the scene look positive and then refused to cover the Gods 2002 gig.

The 'Yngwie J Egosteen' Award For Best Backstage Antics: Axl Rose/Guns N Roses - for not evening making it backstage on more than one occasion during the all too breif US tour!

The 'UFO' Award For Best Onstage Antics: *TIE* Vince Neil for calling his fans in Colorado a bunch of losers and storming off the stage and Don Dokken for storming on stage demanding the support act get off after running over time.

The 'Mutt Lange' Production Award For Slowest Album Recording Process: *TIE* Danny Danzi & Johnny Lima - Winners for the second year running!!! Both artists are perfectionists and both continue to work on their new albums! Whenever your ready guys!

The 'Frankie Sullivan' Lawsuits-Are-Us Award: David Lee Roth for suing Van Halen for unpaid royalties. That'll help the re-union!

Vocalist Of The Year: Jeff Scott Soto for his amazing work on Humanimal, his own solo album, a new live Talisman album and an awesome live performance at the Gods 2002. Plus more to come in 2003!

The Best Producer Award: Jim Peterik and Larry Millas for the amazing work on Mecca's debut. Other notable efforts Harry Hess & Pete Lesperance, Mike Tramp & Westworld.

Worst Albums of the Year:
Always popular - Corey Feldman (someone gave him money to record that!), Last Hard Men (ditto), John Oates and John Fanham.

The 'Japanese Label' one last cash-in award:. Castle Music for still producing those Magnum Best Of's.

The Most Likely To Release A Live Album in 2003 Award: Styx, Bruce Springsteen, Dio, Kiss, Goo Goo Dolls & Yngwie Malmsteen - Just some guesses!
Of those nominated last year - Dream Theater and Styx did, Mr. Big did a DVD instead and Kiss took a year off - but only because the label and band couldn't agree.

The Best Noticeboard Username for 2001 Award: Swami Prabhavananda Runners up: Monkey Nuts, Doctor Doom's Rumour Surgery, Bighairnolonger & frehleysvomit.

The Beat The Bootleggers Award: *TIE* The Scream and Sayit for making full albums available for download via their websites.

The Best Website Award: Ebay Seems melodic rock & AOR really featured heavily on EBay in 2002 and I am guilty of parting with a little too much cash for a few OOP gems!

And last but not least!

Dickhead of the Year Award: Reginaldo "AOR" Rod.
Oh boy, where do I start! This year's Dickhead Of The Year Award was decided months ago and remained several miles ahead of his nearest competitor. The feedback I get over each year is 99% fantastic, but there's always one isn't there?
well, this year's winner - Brazilian trader AOR ROD (otherwise known as José Moreira Da Silva or Reginaldo Rod) single handedly caused more disruption to the site than any other individual user in the history of the site.
He is without question the single most hated person within the AOR trading network, ripping off countless people over a number of years.
From time to time he pops his head up looking for fresh prey, but most folk know him all too well these days. He was banned again from both my message boards, but after an admin error allowed him back in, he proceeded to post 100 messages at a time on a daily basis for several weeks. He also hit the Noticeboard, but has been successfully eradicated from that board. He caused the Trading Board to crash, which in turn, lead to it being replaced, so I guess some good came out of it!
But being banned from both boards wasn't enough....then he proceeded to mail bomb both my e-mail accounts, with hundreds more messages - all the same. I had to get e-mail filters installed with my ISP to bounce all his messages back to him.
But that wasn't enough either....he then began e-mailing other sites under my name telling them how crap I thought my own site was....LOL....only he didn't spell my name correctly.

So, here are a few examples of his classy e-mails to me and to the various message boards. Keep in mind that each message was sent around 150 times and several more were deleted before I started saving the odd few for this award!
A true dickhead if ever there was one!

I hate to say this, but your site is much better and nicer than my horrible Melodic Rock page!!!
P.S. Viva Brazil!!

Hey dear Sir Andrew McNeice &!!! Education is always good and I like too!!! You is a stupid person...?!! Greetings from BRAZIL!!! Thank you!!!

Hello dear buddy Andrew McNeice,
Your friend Reginaldo Rod. & AOR ROD. from BRAZIL wants you to check out the cool "Signs" website (http// ! Click the link below, or copy and paste it into your web browser, to experience the mysterious and thrilling world of "Signs"!

Andrew McNeice,
Reginaldo Rod. has vital information that you need to be aware of. Follow this news link to find out what it is..
You Can't Hide
Get Ready to Run
June 21, 2002

I love you Andrew J. McNeice...
Hi dear dude Andrew J. McNeice...
Hehehe...YESSSSSSSSS! AOR ROD. is back...Thanks a lot for the warning too. I love you Andrew J. McNeice...
Your brazilian baby...

2003 looks great for fans of hard music. Already there are indications that it could be as good as 2002 for variety and quality and possibly even better.
AOR fans have some hot new albums to look forward to. I have already heard the huge On The Rise debut and the new Jim Jidhed. Both will be hard to beat for pure AOR brilliance and prove that great AOR is still being made.
Lec Zorn Project is pure Survivor style 80's AOR, as is the new Josh Ramos project Ramos and the excellent new Departure album. Ambition (Thom Griffin, Joe Vana) looks like being Mecca's sequel, and could also rank as one of the best AOR albums of 2003. And don't rule out Jim Peterik's project in progress, which sounds like it will be right up there.
Mike Tramp is even more enthusiastic about this new album then the last. It's being mixed in Berlin right now, so I hope to have a copy by the end of the month at the latest!
So what else do melodic rock and AOR fans have to look forward to? How about new albums from Styx, Mark Spiro, Dare, Bob Catley, Alliance, Drive She Said, First Shot, Diving For Pearls, Khymera, Gotthard, Pride, Radioactive, Hugo, Mickey Thomas, Michael Sembello, House Of Lords, Heart, Meatloaf, Harem Scarem, Brian McDonald, Firehouse, House Of Shakira, Vaughn and Glen Burtnik.
And I couldn't go any further without predicting Rick Springfield's new album will be an absolute classic. Rick describes the new demos as "..3 minute angry rock songs.." - yeah, baby, yeah...

Nu-breed fans have their own range of hit titles to look forward to. Atenzia Records are embracing this format without forgetting classic melodic rock, which I think is a great thing to do - not to mention an intelligent balanced approach.
They have 40ft Ringo to kick things off - a great album - but I hope the widespread circulation of the band's great demo's will not hurt sales of the finished product. They also have Mitch Malloy's new project Fluid Sol, which sees Mitch crossing over to the nu-side. Add new comers Sweet Water and Melodine - no word on these guys yet, but they sound promising. Watch these releases!
And don't forget Paul Laine's new band - from the demo's I heard (over the phone!), this will be a nu-monster! Atenzia are also behind the new Mars Electric album.
Now & Then will offer us Harry Hess' solo debut, which from what I have heard will be a power pop monster. The three demos I heard were instantly catchy and even more pop than Rubber.
There will be another Harem Scarem album recorded soon - the guys bound to differ things again a little - that should be out late 2003 and a major highlight! The band's drummer Creighton Doane has his own solo album planned - another power pop styled release, which should be another worthy highlight.
Other nu-breed to watch for - Everclear, Avril Lavigne (late 2003...if it gets done in time), Kick, Vertical Horizon, Supermint, Colin Blades and former Candlebox singer Kevin Martin.
Coming out of Australia will be Red Circle, a band that you will be hearing more of in the future and hopefully Square One - another bright hope - will complete their debut album.

Just to the side of AOR and nu-breed, are the pure pop releases. And there are a couple of them due in 2003. None bigger than a new Nelson album, which better get released! How about Duran Duran's reformed comeback album? Or Fleetwood Mac? Hall & Oates are back in February and if their last album is anything to go by, this will be another great slice of mature pop rock. Raine might also surprise pop rock fans and also watch for new albums by Bob Segar, Bryan Adams, U2 and Inxs.

For those that like it hard and heavy, 2003 has more for you also. Watch for new albums by Lynch/Pilson, AC/DC, Zebra, Seven Wishes, Damned Nation, Talisman, Black Label Society, Autograph, Thunder, Queensryche, Guns N Roses, Britny Fox, Skid Row, Leif Johansen, Tesla, Hodson, Glenn Hughes, Joe Lynn Turner, HTP, Von Groove, Gary Hughes, Ten, Anthrax, Metallica, TNT (EP) and Masterplan.

So you've read through the 2002 Summary and seen what became of my predictions from last year - what's going to happen in 2003?

Predictions? (No this is not news - it's just some crystal ball gazing...)
- The Guns N Roses album will get postponed again and if released, won't be until late 2003 at the earliest. 2003 tour dates will be a similar disaster to 2002.
- The Slash and fellow ex-Gunners album will get better reviews than Gunners themselves.
- Skid Row won't find a label for their new album (unless Spitfire step in), will release it themselves (finally) and will re-unite with Sebastian Bach for the summer of 2004.
- Judas Priest will start talking with Rob Halford again.
- Eddie Van Halen will do a few more guest spots, but come no closer to talking about the band, or getting a new singer. No new VH in 2003.
- Sony will release another Toto compilation.
- BMG will release another Rick Springfield compilation.
- A new nu-breed band will break through for a US #1 album.
- Boston will only play a few select dates - no big tour.
- Metallica's album will under-achieve.
- The biggest melodic rock tours of 2003 will be the Meatloaf, Whitesnake and Styx tours.
- Biggest tour of all: Duran Duran
- Sammy Hagar will release some sort of new album / Van Halen won't.
- Bobby Kimball will release a new solo album / Toto won't.
- Jim Peterik will release a new album / Survivor won't.
- House Of Lords will finally release their new album / Bourgeois Pigs won't.
- Bobby Barth will release an album / Axe won't.
- Kelly Keagy will release a new studio album / Night Ranger won't.
- Dare: even money on whether the album will be released this year or next!
- Planet Us will not tour (just a hunch)

2003's Best Albums?
AOR - On The Rise, Jim Jidhed, Ambition, Jim Peterik, Departure....Urban Tale already qualifies.
Melodic Rock - Rick Springfield, Harem Scarem, Diving For Pearls, Dare, Mike Tramp, House Of Lords, Pride, Styx, Alliance, Hugo, Glen Burtnik, Brian McDonald, House Of Shakira...Unruly Child already qualifies.
Nu-Breed - Harry Hess, 40ft Ringo, Sweet Water, Melodine, Paul Laine, Kick.
Hard Rock - Talisman, Masterplan, Glenn Hughes, HTP, Thunder, Lynch/Pilson, Tesla, TNT (EP)
Pop - Hall & Oates, Inxs, Nelson

Albums that might not make the December 31 deadline (for whatever reasons): Mickey Thomas, Michael Sembello, Firehouse, Guns N Roses, Creighton Doane, Avril Lavigne.

Just before I finish this wrap up - what about the labels themselves? What are they looking forward to in 2002? I thought I would find out!

Mario Lehmann - MTM MUSIC
1 - What were your label's best selling releases of the year?
2 - Your favourite releases of the year?
3 - Favorite releases of the year that were NOT on your label?
1. SNOWY WHITE - Restless, 2. PETER GREEN - Best Of, 3. MAURO GIULIANI - Concerto A.dur op. 30
4 - What you are most anticipating from your label scheduled for 2003!!

Khalil Turk - ESCAPE MUSIC
1 - What were your label's best selling releases of the year?
1-Heartland, 2-Grand Illusion, 3-FURY, 4-Total Stranger, 5-Sugarcreek
2 - Your favourite releases of the year?
3 - Favorite releases of the year that were NOT on your label?
4 - What you are most anticipating from your label scheduled for 2003!!?
Phantoms Opera, Shadowman, Aftermath, Newman

1 - What were your label's best selling releases of the year?
Harem Scarem Weight Of The World, Hardline II, Journey Red 13, Mecca S/t, Mollo / Martin The Cage 2
2 - Your favourite releases of the year?
No favourite from our label & I love them all!
3 - Favorite releases of the year that were NOT on your label?
Def Leppard X , Taxiride Garage Mahal , Westworld Cyberdreams , Hughes/Turner HTP , Matchbox Twenty More Than You Think You Are , Goo Goo Dolls Gutterflower ; Jars Of Clay The Eleventh Hour & I may forget some though...
4 - What you are most anticipating from your label scheduled for 2003!!
Some of them have not been announced yet so I won t make any name. Out of the ones announced I d say a quest between Ambition and House Of Lords (yes this one WILL be out in 2003!!!).

Your favourite releases of the year?
For myself Hardline was a special one as we have worked so hard on this and the result has been very positive. Other personal favourites include Mecca and Jeff Scott Soto. Journey has been a dream come true and I hope to do more for them in the future!
3 - Favorite releases of the year that were NOT on your label?
Def Leppard "X"; Pink, Westworld, Jennifer Paige, Hughes / Turner
4 - What you are most anticipating from your label scheduled for 2003!!
As Mario said I am SURE this year will be the one for House Of Lords return. We hope all the work and inputs we have made on this one will be really well received. We have about 4 or 5 new amazing signings to shoot, but this will be revealed very soon after the Christmas holidays. One nice exclusive I can give you is the signing of the brand new Glen Hughes album to be released in June 2003 on Frontiers Records.
Glen promised to deliver a kick-ass melodic hard rock album so we are all hopeful he can be out big ace this year. All details to be announced soon!
I also wish to mention a few other upcoming great releases such as the newcomers On The Rise, Talisman, Zion and Khymera... I hope our releases made everyone rock during 2002 and be sure we'll give you a lot of good times in the coming year as well !!!!

Mark Ashton - NOW & THEN RECORDS
1 - What were your label's best selling releases of the year?
I guess Mario already answered this one!
2 - Your favourite releases of the year?
Harem Scarem, Mecca, Last Tribe, Jeff Scott Soto, Pulse and I thought Lost Weekend really stepped up a level with their album. They will continue to grow and should be given a chance by more people.
3 - Favorite releases of the year that were NOT on your label?
Faith Hill, Spock`s Beard, Loud & Clear, Threshold, Westworld, Taxiride, Grand Illusion, Disturbed, Star One, Seven and The Sun. Others worthy of note were Venice, Meniketti, Shy and Highway 9.
Oh and Audiovent was good, but not as good as Harem there, Surfpunk! :-)
4 - What you are most anticipating from your label scheduled for 2003!!
We`ve got some great albums lined up for 2003. The new Ken Tamplin album is simply melodic hard rock perfection with powerful AC/DC like rhythms and huge Whitesnake/House Of Lords choruses plus a list of guitarists to die for.
Harry Hess` solo album will please most Harem Scarem fans plus those who were more accepting of the Rubber era and a lot of nu-breed/Jellyfish fans.
Gary Hughes` "Once And Future King" opus will finally be released and all I can say is that the material is stunning.It`s the first time new Ten guitarist Chris Francis will have been heard within a `song` context on record and he does not disappoint.
Bob Catley`s new album will please all his existing fan base and maybe even open up a new audience as Paul Hodson`s material retains the elements we all loved on his first thre solo albums whilst adding a classic rock (a la Dio/Rainbow) feel in places.
The same can be said of the Hodson album which will be one of the big surprises of 2003 along with the brilliant debut album from Spanish sensations Nexx. Their "Colours" album is a joy to behold from start to finish and truly lives up to the potential shown to everyone who has seen them perform live. The production is clear and crisp, the performances even better than we imagined (especially considering most of the band had never been in a `real` studio before) and the songs are as good as any other band out there whilst not sounding particularly like anyone else. If AOR has a future then it`s bands like Nexx who could supply it as long as people give them a chance.
Another act worth giving a chance is Burns Blue, featuring Vinny Burns (Dare/Ten) and Sam Blue (YaYa/Ultravox). They have just been putting down the rhythm tracks for their debut album, "What If", with Pete Jupp (Wildlife/FM/So!) and Bob Skeat ( Wildlife/So!/Wishbone Ash). The album is really coming to life now and it will definitely surprise quite a few people. There are some pure AOR/Melodic ROck tracks as one would expect but there are definite influences from Aerosmith/AC/DC in the rhythm section and Tom Petty/Paul Gilbert in the song structures. The material sounds lik eit will really work well in the live setting and as long as people are willing to approach it with an open mind and not expect some rehashed Dare/Ten songs then this will be in many top tens of the year.
2003 will also see the release of Johnny Lima`s long awaited new album, "Made In California". OK, he`s taken a long time to record this one but he`s been a tad busy with his personal life (the small matters of getting married, having/bringing up a baby and moving house!) and it will be worth the wait. The songs are as catchy as ever but this time the sonic quality will match the material.
We also aim to release several albums featuring Ralph Santolla in the coming year. As well as the Millenium covers album, we hope to release a new album from the band (for which the music is already written) and a new Eyewitness album (for which everything is written and it`s simply a matter of scheduling the recording).
Towards the Autumn of the year there will be a new Harem Scarem album, which we plan to take the band up a notch with. "Weight Of The World" was a huge critical and commercial success for the label and the next album will be even more so, we are confident.
Some other new artists to watch out for in 2003 are Hysteria (some of you will have seen them at The Gods and been impressed with their amazing musicianship and quality songwriting) and Livesay who are a great band from the U.S. with progressive hard rock pomposity meets Leatherwolf/Impelliterri guitarwork meets Y&T style melodic rock choruses. These guys will make a big splash this coming year.
"I also think that Escape should be highly commended on the Tribute to Boston that they released. It was obviously lovingly put together with great performances and a love of the music at heart. Probably the best tribute album so far."

Bruce Mee / NOW & THEN
Your favourite releases of the year?
Harem Scarem, Talon, Mecca, Pulse, Lost Weekend
Favorite releases of the year that were NOT on your label?
Loud & Clear, Michelle Branch, Avril Lavigne, Jaded Heart, Avantasia
What you are most anticipating from your label scheduled for 2003!!
Gary Hughes - King Arthur project, Ten album - with new guitarist, Burns/Blue - amazing stuff. Fair Warning meets FM/Dare, Harem Scarem new album, Bob Catley new album (with Paul Hodson writing the songs), Kane Roberts solo album (follow up to 'Saints & Sinners', with Desmond Child, Kip Winger, Steve Vai etc), Saracen new album 'RED SKY' (reformed after 20 years. Epic rock!!), Gods DVD releases
Hopefully, another Gods festival at some point!!

Mark Alger - Z RECORDS
1 - What were your label's best selling releases of the year?
Westwolrd, Shy , Silent Rage, Humanimal and 21 Guns where our top albums.
2 - Your favourite releases of the year?
I think it would be unfair to answer this question as I believe in all of our acts hence why I signed them ;o)
3 - Favorite releases of the year that were NOT on your label?
1] Sammy Hagar - Not For Sale, 2] Valentine - Believing is seeing, 3] Def Leppard - X, 4] Pretty Maids - Planet Panic
4 - What you are most anticipating from your label scheduled for 2003!!
We have many things that are yet to be announced, but I guess the new releases from TNT, LRT and Prophet will shake a few trees. 2003 will be a fantastic year for the label we are already confident of that fact.

1 - What were your label's best selling releases of the year?
ADRIANGALE "ReProgram", TNA "Finger On The Trigger", RAIN "House Of Dreams", BARON "Love Valley", FUNNY MONEY "S/T"
2 - Your favourite releases of the year?
ADRIANGALE "ReProgram" BARON "Love Valley" Rain "House of Dreams"
3 - Favorite releases of the year that were NOT on your label?
JSS "Prism", DAMNED NATION "Grand Design" , HAREM SCAREM "w.o.w", Butch Walker, D2 "C-Roach", there are so many! We will just leave it with that!
4 - What you are most anticipating from your label scheduled for 2003!!
The most anticipated release right now without a doubt would have to be, PYN SIREN!!!! The response on the two MP3s that you made available to your site visitors has been overwhelming. We wanted to end the year with it, but due to the manufacturing delays we will kick of the NEW year with this great release instead of ending the past one with it. We are also very much looking fwd to NO MORE JOHNNY, DAMN CHEETAH(Finally ready for release!!!) As well as a few others we arent ready to announce just yet. You can also expect some NEW things from Adriangale in the new year as well.
To all the labels, magazines,websites, web dwellers, stores and bands...Heres to a great new year

Dane Spencer - SONG HAUS MUSIC
1 - What were your label's best selling releases of the year?
1.1.speedway blvd, 2.Brad Love-Through Another Door, 3.Airborne-The Dig, 4. Daniel Ash-Foolish Thing Desire, 5. Silver Condor-Trouble at Home
2 - Your favourite releases of the year?
Tie: Airborne-The Dig, Brad Love-Through Another Door
3 - Favorite releases of the year that were NOT on your label?
1. Beck-Sea Changes, 2. Queens of the Stoneage-Songs for the deaf, 3. Chris Robinson-New Earth Mud.
4 - What you are most anticipating from your label scheduled for 2003!!
1. Ken Tamplin-Wake the Nations, 2. New Machine-S/T

1 - What were your label's best selling releases of the year?
Zinny J Zan/The Erotics/The Bang Gang/Electric Magic Sideshow/Needle Park.
2 - Your favourite releases of the year?
Zinny J Zan 'City Boy Blues' and Needle Park 'C'mon Get Real' stand-out.
3 - Favorite releases of the year that were NOT on your label?
Butch Walker 'Left Of Self Centered'/Eric Martin 'Going Sane'/LA Guns 'Waking The Dead'/Gemini 5 's/t'/
4 - What you are most anticipating from your label scheduled for 2003!!
Mars Needs Women were extremely anticipating due to the extremely talented frontman Shawn Mars and his incredible knack for hooky/melodic rock songs.. as well as Romeo's Dead and the Babylon Bombs. Philadelphia's Midnight Angel are also a stand-out band in the hard rock vein. And a early spring release of Castle Blak 'Glamour And Damnation'..and much more planned from FastLane Records for 2003 as well.

1 - What were your label's best selling releases of the year?
1. George Lynch 2. Pretty Boy Floyd 3. Bruce Kulick 4. Warrant 5. Every Mother's Nightmare
2 - Your favourite releases of the year?
too many to name
3 - Favorite releases of the year that were NOT on your label?
Giant III , Broken Teeth 'Guilty Pleasure', Shameless 'Splashed'
4 - What you are most anticipating from your label scheduled for 2003!!
More great music that people can enjoy!!! Pretty Boy Floyd, EMN, Roxx Gang, Hollywood Hairspray II, etc...

1 - What were your label's best selling releases of the year?
2 - Your favourite releases of the year?
3 - Favorite releases of the year that were NOT on your label?
4 - What you are most anticipating from your label scheduled for 2003!!

1 - What were your label's best selling releases of the year?
Richie Kotzen - Slow, Mike Terrana - Shadows of the Past, James Byrd - Anthem, Star Queen - Faithbringer, Chris Poland - Return to Metaliopolis 2002
2 - Your favourite releases of the year?
Jason Becker Tribute vol II
3 - Favorite releases of the year that were NOT on your label?
The last Dream Theater album
4 - What you are most anticipating from your label scheduled for 2003!!
New releases from Empire, Winterlong, Section A; Mattsson, Condition Red...

Our top sellers are 1. Cry Havoc, 2. Ivory Tower
My favorite release for none other then our first is Mystery Bloom.
For other releases I liked AdrianGale - ReProgram, Julliet, Nightengale.
We anticpate a bigger presence in the indie industry, more releases and to become a biggr player in the melodic scene.

Hope you have all enjoyed the 2002 run down!
Let me know what you think!

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