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Sayit Louder MTM Music 0681-85

Track Listing
ˇ Stand Up
ˇ The Queen
ˇ That Ain't Me
ˇ A Love I Can Handle
ˇ Come Please Me, Completely
ˇ I Am King
ˇ Longing For Someone To Hold
ˇ John Doe
ˇ Love Without Reason
ˇ My Lonely Heart
ˇ I May Be Hurt, But I'm Free
ˇ Waiting For My Love

Album Details
ˇ Produced By: Sayit
ˇ Running Time: 47.21
ˇ Release Date: November 10
ˇ Released: EU
ˇ Genre: Melodic Rock
ˇ WebLink: Sayit
ˇ LabelLink: MTM
Swedish guitarist SAYIT has made a name on the rock scene as a very skilled guitarist. He has recorded 2 solo albums earlier and both are filled with impressive guests like BRUCE GAITSCH, MICHAEL THOMPSON (MTB), DAVID HUNGATE (TOTO), KEE MARCELLO, JIM JIDHED, MATS OLAUSSON (YNGWIE MALMSTEEN), MIKAEL ERLANDSSON, and TOMMY DENANDER (RADIOACTIVE) who also served as writer and producer.

SAYIT also shared guitar duties with YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, KEE MARCELLO, MATHIAS "IA" EKLUNDH and others together with MIKKEY DEE and JOHN LEVEN on the DENANDER/DELIN all star song that features about 150 of the biggest rock stars from Sweden. The album features vocalist GEIR RÖNNING who was involved into TOTO, RADIOACTIVE and PRISONER, TONY FRANKLIN (BLUE MURDER, THE FIRM, WHITESNAKE) on bass and TOMMY DENANDER on keyboards and additional guitars. One song of SAYIT s new album is released on the forthcoming MTM MUSIC Compilation Vol. 9 which hit the road in mid of October.

Sayit: "This new album is a completely different direction from the style peopleknow from my first two albums. Me and my close friend / producer Tommy Denander had some serious and creative talks before starting to write it, we both agreed that eventhough we love pure westcoast it's first of all a very small market for that kind of music and we've already done two albums in that vein, we really wanted to rock out on this album.
Plus MTM is a great AOR/melodic rock label and we knew they wouldn't be too happy with a wimpy westcoast album haha!! This time we also didn't care so much about having a lot of guests but more of a cool band feeling, we even hope to do some touring for it which would be a lot of fun."
"Everybody did a great job - as always - on this album and I'm very proud to have my friend Geir Rönning singing the whole album with great help on the backing vocals from Chris Demming, Chris is also co producer of all vocals. Geir is really singing his butt off and any fan of his and Tommy's old project Rainmaker will love this album. Tommy is always in charge of all things and on the first two albums we shared guitars a lot but this time he really pushed me to take care of almost all of them myself which was a great experience, of course Tommy did a couple of guest spots but mainly he plays keyboards and did a perfect job with that.
I'm also proud of a new friend in my life, Ulf "Ken" Sandin who plays bass, we met when we played with Jim Jidhed on his release party earlier this year, Jim and Ulf played together in the band Alien. You can also also hear the legendary Tony Franklin (The Firm, Blue Murder, Whitesnake) on the song "That ain't me".
I also have to give a special mention to Theo Theander at Roasting House for his help mixing the're brilliant mate!!! Eventhough I'm a very picky guy and always have a tough time enjoying my own albums i'm really happy with this album, it's filled with great songs, great performances and a lot of heart and soul....hope you all will agree. If you wanna give me your opinions and just say hello you can always reach me through my website I'm very proud to be signed to MTM and i'm sure we will have a blast during this and hopefully many more albums in the future!!!"