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Orphan Lonley At Night / Salute Escape Music ESM 097

Lonely At Night (1983)
· Lonely At Night
· What Kind Of Love Is This
· Miracle
· She Told Me
· Saved By The Bell
· Any Time At All
· Hello
· All Over The World
· Night Parade

Salute (1985)
· Open Up The Skies
· Lyin To Me
· Woman In Love
· Crazy For The Night
· Stand Up
· A Little Heart And Soul
· Old Enough To Know
· Uncle Sam Wants You
· Steel And Iron
· The Way It Should Be

Album Details
· Produced By: Lance Quinn & Tony Bongiovi / Phil Chapman & Jon Astley
· Running Time:
· Release Date: Out Now
· Released: EU
· Genre: AOR
· WebLink:
· LabelLink: Escape
Artist Bio
Steve McGovern – Guitars and vocals
Brent Diamond – keyboards and vocals
Chris Burke-Gaffney – Bass and lead vocals
Ron Boisvenue – Drums and vocals (Lonely)
Terry Norman Taylor – Drums and vocals (Salute)

Produced by Lance Quinn and Tony Bongiovi (Lonely) / Phil Chapman & John Astley (Salute)

Orphan were formerly known as “The Pumps” and made an album in 1980 on the Polygram label, to a high acclaim. They went on to become Orphan, and recorded two highly regarded albums.

In 1983 “Lonely at Night” made its debut for Orphan, an album that boasted a lush production from the Quinn/Bongiovi camp. They prided themselves on playing rich pomp rock, with beefy riffs, plenty of keys and loads of harmony vocals. It did not fail to please either, title track “Lonely at night” started proceedings on the right note, followed by the catchy “What kind of love is this”.

These are two great songs and are typical Orphan anthems; others include “Any Time at all”, “Hello” and “All over the world”. This was a great album, and is often talked about in melodic rock circles. Whilst the album was being recorded in the Bongiovi studios, the young lad who used to clean round the studio for his uncle Tony went on to be a huge success, as Jon Bon Jovi!!

Two years later and Orphan reappeared with “Salute”. Producers Chapman and Astley were drafted in for this outing, they were the two guys responsible for the “Pumps” album in 1980. Also, “Pumps” drummer Terry Norman Taylor jumped back in to the stool. The band felt that these two Englishmen had a far better understanding of the sound Orphan were trying to achieve.

“Salute” was very different in style to the debut; those lush chords replaced with hard hitting and quirky rock. Check out songs like “Woman in Love”, “Lyin’ to me” and “Crazy for the night” for examples of great rock music. One of the highlights has to be the ear bashing approach of “Steel and Iron”; maestro Aldo Nova contributes a wicked guitar solo on this one.

These two albums are simply great examples of the early eighties scene, lavishly reproduced with full lyrics and unseen photographs. Why not hunt these classic re-releases out and give two Orphans a good home.