Metal Mayhem

Neil Turbin Threatcon Delta Mayhem Music MM0041

Track Listing
· Wake Up Call
· Cut To The Chase
· What You Can't Control
· Sick Of It All
· Keep The Fire
· The Truth Is The Best Lie
· Blue Screen Of Death
· Dolly Dagger
· Rat Race
· Vigilante Justice
· Touch Too Much
· Wrecking Ball
· Dog Eat Everything
· Piece Of Me

Artist Bio

THE SOUND: Hard, heavy & in your face! A dynamic metal album that combines ultra-heavy, old-school thrash, speed metal & groove, featuring powerful vocals and melodies that can only be expected from a man who was a key part in the birth and rise of Anthrax.

THE RESULT: The original vocalist of Anthrax, Neil Turbin, has returned & put his personal stamp on this album which delivers a pure, hard-hitting, “fistful of metal”, that will blow you away. “Threatcon Delta” includes 14 tracks of extreme metal played hard & fast by a wide variety of professional & noted artists in the heavy metal industry. A very uniquely composed anthology of metal tunes that could only come from Neil Turbin. This is your wake up call world, because 2003 is the year of Turbin and the threat is real.

HIGHLIGHTS: Featured Guests: Vernon Anderson, Ronnie Borchert, Roger Bueno, Sean Flynn, Tommy Gunn, Kurt James, Lucky Luciano, Steve McKnight, Sean McNabb, Paul Mervosh, Paul Monroe, Glenn Noyes, Mitch Perry, Rick Sanchez, Claude, Schnell, Paul Shortino, Jeff Scott Soto, Niki Lane Taylor, Sandy Vasquez, Lonnie Vencent & Andy Walo.

Album Details
· Produced By: Neil Turbin
· Running Time: :
· Release Date: Out Now
· Released: US
· Genre: Metal
· WebLink: Neil Turbin
· LabelLink: Mayhem