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Last Tribe The Uncrowned Frontiers Records FRCD 172

Track Listing
· Healer
· The Uncrowned
· Sacrifice
· The Chosen One
· Otherworld
· April Sky
· Sound of Rain
· Only the Innocent
· Call of the Tribe
· Full Moon

Album Details
· Produced By: Anders Theander
· & Magnus Karlsson
· Running Time: 51.29
· Release Date: December 1
· Released: EU
· Genre: Melodic Metal
· WebLink:
· LabelLink: Frontiers
Artist Bio
Last Tribe is here to show once more how melodic metal is done…
The kings of melodies in the metal world are back with their third album “The Uncrowned”. This time Last Tribe serves us ten new songs with more power and stronger melodies than ever. After their albums “The Ritual” and “Witch Dance” fans and press from all over the world have appointed this band to be the best in this genre. Here is a small selection of what magazines and e-zines wrote about Last Tribe.

“This is what I'm missing in all the myriad power metal albums coming out of Europe”
“Melodic Metal at it's best”
“This is melodic metal par excellence and as close to perfection as it gets”
“You'll be hard pressed to find a better one than this band”
“The melodic metal masterwork of the year 2002 has been officially been decided right here.”
“This is the best newcomer band from Europe”

Metal heart 9/10. Burrn! 87/100. Rock hard 8/10. 9/10.
Sweden rock 8/10. Strutter magazine 9/10. 92/100. Melodic 87/100 Aor Europe 9/10. Soundbase magazine 11/12. Metalfire Webzine 9,5/10. MajesticMagazine 4/5. Walls of 4/5. 8/10 4/5  Level11 9/10. 8/10. 8/10. 5/5. 5/6.. 11/12. And this list just carries on and on...

With the new album “The Uncrowned” Magnus Karlsson (the songwriter and guitarist of the band) and the rest of Last Tribe invite us to a wonderful world of hard rock, metal and Progressive music in a perfect mix that won't leave anyone unmoved. Magnus promises us songs with screaming guitars and beautiful melodies.

The line-up:
Magnus Karlsson - Guitars and backing vocals.
Rickard Bengtsson -Lead Vocals.
Dick Lövgren -Bass.
Jaime Salazar - Drums.

“The Uncrowned” is produced, mixed and mastered by Anders “Theo” Theander (Pain of Salvation, Majestic, Urban Tale etc) with Magnus Karlsson, once again at RoastingHouse Studios in Malmö, Sweden. So be sure to check out the new album “The Uncrowned” for your own sake. The only bad thing about it, is that you may have trouble to take this album out of your CD player for a very long time….