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Last Autumn's Dream Last Autumn's Dream Frontiers Records FRCD 173

Track Listing
· Again and Again
· Doin' Time (exclusive bonus track for Europe)
· Guardian Angel
· Break The Chains (Of Destiny)
· Blink Of An Eye
· Talk To Me
· The One
· I Never Let You Go
· High Up
· Movin' On
· Going Home

Album Details
· Produced By: Torbjorn Wassenius
· Running Time: 52.25
· Release Date: January 19
· Released: EU
· Genre: Melodic Hard Rock
· WebLink:
· LabelLink: Frontiers
Artist Bio
Mikael Erlandsson, citizen of Gothenburg on the Swedish West coast, is one of the best singer/songwriters in Sweden today. He released four successful solo albums: “The 1” (produced by Mats ”MP” Persson, also co-producer/writer for Roxette), followed by “Under The Sun” (elected as “the best release during 1996” by the “Burrn!” magazine in Japan). Next album was “Unfamiliar”, released in Japan 1998, finally followed in 2001 by “The Gift”. All albums sold well around the world, especially in the Far East. After being supporting act to Tina Turner and Bryan Ferry and after his participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, Mikael decided he wanted to do something else.

Mikael's record company in Japan came up with the idea of putting him together with the fantastic guitar player Andy Malecek from the successful German hard rock band Fair Warning for an album-project. Andy is a very talented guitarist, has a brilliant tone and sense of putting guitar harmonies together. Mikael and Andy were both hooked by the idea and a plan for the album began to grow.

Mikael's production companies in Sweden, XTC Productions/Studio (Brazen Abbott, Glory, Baltimoore, Lions' Share) in Stockholm and Sunday Music in Gothenburg also supported the idea and they turned to Ian Haugland, Mic Michaeli and John Levén from Europe and asked if they were interested. After listening to Mikael and Andy's new, strong material, they all decided to join in and the band “Last Autumn's Dream” was born. Andy had a friend in Berlin named Rick Brightman, working as a producer with his own recording studio and also a brilliant composer. They asked him to join and the idea came up to record the album in these three studios, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Berlin in order to use each studio at it's best, which was done.

The resulting Last Autumn's Dream debut album strongly resembles the best Scandinavian melodic rock heritage coming from such bands as Europe, Bad Habit, DaVinci and early Treat, but also adds a distinctive Fair Warning influence coming from the Malecek guitar playing and songwriting! Definitely a great release to start the new year!