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Influences & Connections Volume 1 Mr. Big Frontiers Records FRCD 175

Track Listing
Mr. Big
Take Cover
Colorado Bulldog
Wild World
Price You Gotta Pay
Promise Her The Moon
Addicted To That Rush
Just Take My Heart
Crawl Over Me
To Be With You
Green-Tinted Sixties Mind
Daddy Brother Lover Little Boy
Alive & Kickin' (Bonus Track)

Album Details
Produced By: Pat Regan
Billy Sheehan & Pat Torpey
Running Time: 63.00
Release Date: January 19
Released: EU
Genre: Melodic Rock
WebLink: Billy Sheehan
LabelLink: Frontiers
Artist Bio
This album is the first of the new Influences & Connections series.

Every band, every musician, every artist is influenced along the way towards their goals. On that journey, they connect and interact with so many others on the same path with similar goals. The end result is music which is almost always the sum total of those influences and connections, as well as all their own hard work, inspiration and creative talent.

The artists who appear on this CD are all an influence upon, or connected in some way, to Mr. Big. A debt is owed to them all for their inspiration and friendship.

In future releases we will attempt to document and explore the same with many other bands and artists. We hope this will give an insight into their evolution and the music that means so much to so many.

Artists appearing: Paul Rodgers, Kings X (Ty Tabor and Doug Pinnick), Joe Lynn Turner, John Waite, Glenn Hughes, Ann Wilson, Billy Sheehan, Mickey Thomas, Dogstar (Bret Domrose and Keanu Reeves), Pat Torpey, Donnie Vie, Yngwie Malmsteen, Steve Lukather, Marty Friedman, Stevie Salas, Tim Bogert, Lanny Cordola, Chuck Wright, Richie Kotzen.


Mr. Big (lead vocals: Paul Rodgers); Take Cover (lead vocals: Doug Pinnick); Colorado Bulldog (lead vocals: Joe Lynn Turner); Wild World ((lead vocals: John Waite); Price You Gotta Pay (lead vocals: Glenn Hughes); Promise Her The Moon (lead vocals: Ann Wilson); Addicted To That Rush (lead vocals: Billy Sheehan); Just Take My Heart (lead vocals: Mickey Thomas); Shine (lead vocals: Bret Domrose); Crawl Over Me (lead vocals: Pat Torpey); To Be With You (lead vocals: Richie Kotzen); Green-Tinted Sixties Mind (lead vocals: Donnie Vie); Daddy, Brother, Lover, Little Boy (lead vocals: Joe Lynn Turner); Alive 6 Kickin' (lead vocals: Glenn Hughes).