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Eric Martin Destroy All Monsters Frontiers Records FRCD 174

Track Listing
· What's The Worst That Can Happen
· Kansas
· I Woke Up 2 Late
· Janie Won't Open
· Where Are You
· You're Too Good For Him
· Living In Black And White
· Something There
· What If
· I Can Die Now
· Burnin' My Mind
· If

Album Details
· Produced By: David Simon-Baker
· & John Wuopio
· Running Time: 48.54
· Release Date: January 19
· Released: EU
· Genre: Melodic Rock/Modern Pop
· WebLink: Eric Martin
· LabelLink: Frontiers

Artist Bio
Eric Martin started his career singing at the end of the 70's for a S. Francisco band called 415. With 415, Eric played hundreds of shows opening for established acts like Billy Squier, Hall & Oates, Rick Springfield, Molly Hatchet and Foreigner, to name a few. 415 was signed to Elektra/Asylum Records and "Sucker for a Pretty Face" was released after a name change to the Eric Martin Band (EMB).

The band parted ways after returning from a 1984-85 ZZ Top tour. After the breakup, Eric continued to belt out songs and in 1985 and 1987 released "Eric Martin" and "I'm Only Fooling Myself," solo efforts which are lathered with Eric's signature soulful voice and candid lyrics. In 1988-89, Eric would team with Billy Sheehan (David Lee Roth, Talas), Pat Torpey (Jeff Paris, Stan Bush) and Paul Gilbert (Racer X) to form Mr. Big. They would enjoy enormous success with the release of 6 studio albums, numerous hit singles and six top-selling live CD's. All combined, worldwide sales topped the seven million mark!

Eric's third solo album "Somewhere in the Middle", was written during the 2-year hiatus from Mr. Big and released in 1998 in Asia and Europe. During the summer of 2001 and Eric and the rest of the Mr. Big guys released their last effort "Actual Size". In between promoting and preparing for the upcoming tour, Eric continued to record songs for his fourth solo CD. He promised a return to his "rawk" roots and definitely the resultant album: “I'm Goin' Sane” which gathered excellent critics and was released in Europe on Frontiers Records in late august 2002.

After the successful GODS 2002 performance and the Japanese tour, Eric released "Pure", a mini cd that covers hits, in a unplugged and stripped back acoustic form.
Finally in January 2004 Eric delivers a brand new studio album entitled “Destroy All Monsters”. The music and lyrics were written for this project for a period of about 5 months prior to the recording which happened during the summer 2003 at Eric Martin's home studio “Pepperland”. Eric describes the sound of his new album as “distorted pop” and the songs have been written or co-written by Eric with the help of Andre Pessis, Tony Fanucchi, The ITC Brothers, Chris Wilson and Pat Gilles. “This heavy title”, Eric explains: “is about freeing yourself from fear, a social and personal statement rolled into one. Nothing to do with politics really, its about dealing with and overcoming frustrations”.

Helping Eric are such musicians as David Simon-Baker, Jeff Watson, Chris Wilson, Pat Gilles, and André Pessis (guitars), Mark Chole, John Wuopio, John McDill and Kenny Gradney (bass), Denise Martin, Tommy Rickard and Richie Hayward (drums), Harry Hess, David Simon-Baker (background vocals) and Billy Payne on keyboards.

TRACK BY TRACK by Eric Martin:

1. What's The Worst That Could Happen
A song about social rebellion. Being brave enough to push the envelope no matter what the consequences. Living without fear.

2. Kansas
Lovers finding a way back to the original spark. Life used to be simpler when we had no obligations. Love still manages to pay off the present. We used the Wizard of Oz scenario - we still have Kansas in our hearts the kid is still alive in us all.

3. I Woke Up Too Late
Some people are afraid of success, they wait for things to happen instead of making them happen. The subject tries to prevent what he wants the most. Classic low self esteem.

4. Janie Won't Open
This is a song about the dark child who keeps to herself in a safe secret world. we all know her, we went to school with her. She has a hard time trusting love.

5. Where Are You
Even Jesus on the cross had to question weather or not he was forsaken. sometimes we can't help but think this thought when things turn against you. In my younger life I had to fend for myself in the absence of true Father figures.

6. You're Too Good for Him
A friend of ours settles for abuse from her uncaring boyfriend and believes that love has to hurt to get what you want. She won't listen to any of her friends, but in a sad way she knows, but doesn't want to know.

7. Living In Black And White
A documentary of life on the street in modern day America. It may be tough on the street, but it might even be tougher at home.

8. Something There
A song about seduction and figuring out what's real and what's fantasy. She love's me, or she love's me not. When do you make a move. Is it safe to jump in the water - you know there's something there. It's a second guessing game.

9. What If
Being the target of hero worship like I have the power to save your day. Even to the extremes of solving someone's everyday problems. Rather than save themselves they look to celebrities as being all wise and better than they are. You made me famous, but I'm not the God you should be looking for.

10. I Can Die Now
After all the trials and tribulations of relationships, finding the one is as good as it gets. It's a metaphor for  great love. It's like I died and went to heaven.

11. Burnin' In My Mind
If we could just stop the world long enough to go back and change the past. She told me I was making a big mistake and she was right. I just didn't listen. I was too wrapped up in myself, and it still haunts me. It is not my true story, but the story of most of my friends.

12. IF
It's a word portrait describing amazing love. A love that is hard to define and beautiful and strong enough to replenish the soul. A love that truly stands the test of time and immortalized by this timeless melody. This is a song my generation grew up with and i've always wanted to interpret it my way.

Destroy All Monsters

Freeing yourself from fear. A social and personal statement rolled into one. Nothing to do with politics, it's dealing with overcoming frustration. Just making this record I had to go through a lot of obstacles. My past is over - I'm moving on.