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Doc Holliday Good Time Music MTM Music 0681-84

Track Listing
· Black Cat
· Highway Call
· Farmer's Tan
· Magnolia
· Trudy
· Good Time Music
· I Can't See You
· Simple Man
· It Suits Me Too
· Messiah

Album Details
· Produced By: Bruce Brookshire
· Running Time: 52.34
· Release Date: Out Now
· Released: EU
· Genre: Melodic Rock
· WebLink: Doc Holliday
· LabelLink: MTM

The band from Georgia shot to world wide attention in 1981 when their debut A&M album Doc Holliday entered the Billboard Rock Album Charts in the Top 30.


Between 1986 and 2001 DOC HOLLIDAY released five albums. DOC HOLLIDAY is a cult band in the biker scene and has delivered 3 highly successful shows when headlining the 100-Years-Harley-Davidson-Festival in Hamburg with SAXON and MANFRED MANN as well as the "Fierek´s Folks Festival" in Ulm.

DOC HOLLIDAY is promoting the new album Good Time Music on a middle european tour accompanied to the release date.

Doc Holliday's Bruce Brookshire have made some comments on each of the tracks from their upcoming release:
Bruce: "I have to say the whole project was fun from beginning to end. Each musician contributed love and care and expertise. We have been doing this for quite a while and everyone played what came naturally on this CD. We have had such encouragement and support from our personal manager, Georg Bayer, to do what the band is capable of, and what we are feeling. I think this confidence has made us very comfortable as a group. There are not as many Southern rock bands around right now, and after 20 years of writing, recording and performing this music, if nothing else, you can tell that we are the real thing. What you hear is what we do, and the influences we sing about are real. This is simple and honest music, and we are thankful that we can do it, for our fans, for ourselves, and to bring a new generation of listeners the joy of this style of music."
Black Cat - You can hear influences of two of our favorite bands, Deep Purple & The Allman Brothers Band
Highway Call - Also very "Allman-esque". It is a fun live track, a little showcase for each player.
Farmer's Tan - Maybe a little Springsteen influence and a mysterious "Southern story" about some shady dealings in the Deep South....Who is the preacher and who are the shadows in the firelight ....?
Magnolia - A JJ Cale favorite of ours for years, the basic track was recorded "live" in the studio in Germany.
Trudy - A Charlie Daniels song we have been playing live for a long time, just a funky little rock song....
Good Time Music - This tune was inspired by a whole lot of rock & roll songs that we've listened to over the years - Beatles, Chuck Berry, etc. One of the main riffs in the song was shown to me by Dan Baird of the Georgia Satellites.
I Can't See You - A sad story written about different friends of ours who died from drugs and alcohol. Many of us have suffered from this abuse. "Veronica" was just a name I used because I thought it was pretty, not the real person.
Simple Man - This Rossington/Van Zant song was the last track ever recorded at Capricorn Studios in Macon, Georgia. A tribute to a great band and a great place.
It Suits Me Too - Inspired by our hero Taj Mahal, who is one of the greatest blues men of this or any generation.
Messiah - We thought of Lenny Kravitz and the Christian message in many of his songs...We wanted to share the message but not hit the listener over the head with it, maybe just make him think about it a little...."