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Blind Alley Infinity Ends AOR Heaven

Track Listing
· All Figured Out
· We Still Belong
· One Life
· S.O.S.
· Shadow From My Heart
· Here Comes The Heartache
· From Now On
· Hunter
· Stay The Night
· Payback Time
· Wild Rose
· Internal Affairs*
· In Your Hand*
* = Bonus Tracks

Album Details
· Produced By: Not Listed
· Running Time: 52.20
· Release Date: January 26
· Released: EU
· Genre: AOR
· ArtistLink: Blind Alley
· LabelLink: AOR Heaven

Artist Bio
Magnus Olsson (Instruments and programming, Lead and backing vocals)
Hans Dimberg (Lead and backing vocals)
Pierre Glans (Guitars, Lead and backing vocals)

The story of BLIND ALLEY starts - like so many others - with a break-up of a band. This time it was FORTUNE, a Swedish act in the early 90's who reached local fame and released a couple of records on their own label.
Magnus Olsson and Hans Dimberg had then come a long way since they first started to play: “The story about how we became musical partners is rather funny”, says Magnus. “Hans started out as a drummer in the band, and was quite average. We then got a better drummer, I fired him. About 6 months later, I heard that he was actually a very good singer”, continues Magnus, “At that time our lead singer had quit, so I called Hans up and asked if he wanted to join the band as a singer instead.... Thankfully, he answered yes.”

After the break-up with FORTUNE they tried to form a new band – SHADOW PLAY -, and that's where they met Pierre Glans – former member of BAD BREATH, FAR OUT and STARGAZER. Though they never really managed to form a new line-up, the three of them discovered one common interest that would keep them working together; the love and passion for good vocals.

Apart from the band, Magnus had started to build a studio where he could work with ideas: “I was tired of the music I always had done and wanted to try to make something different. The project was called BLIND ALLEY – because at that time it was what it felt like – a blind alley…” But slowly the songs were emerging and Hans and Pierre were involved in the project. The first song – “Walk on Water” - was recorded in 1996, followed by “Internal affairs” and “In your hand” in 1997.

The work ended up in a debut album called “On the way” that was released on in 2001. The album was received very well, and songs like “In your hand” went high up in the local charts, but musically it had a lack of focus and it spread over many musical styles.

“Though focusing on strong melodies, we searched for different musical styles that perhaps would suite us”, Pierre says. “But after finishing it, we all felt that what we REALLY wanted to do was a more rock oriented AOR record.”
In March 2001 the work on the new album started, and the focus was clear: “Let's make this a classic rock album!” In late August 2003 the result was finally ready, and the band decided to send it to some reviewers and a record label to see the reactions.

“The 11th of September 2003 was a VERY strange day that I always will remember”, Magnus says. “On my way to Stockholm I heard about the dreadful murder of our foreign minister, and later that day I got a call from Mr Georg Siegl at AOR Heaven that he likes our material and wants to release it. It was highs and lows that day…”

- On The way (, 2001)
- Infinity Ends (AOR Heaven, 2004)