Track Listing
Razor Eater (2)
Rise Up (1)
Valley Of Kings
Ship Of Fools
Baroque & Roll
Mad Dog
In The Name Of God
Freedom Isn't Free
Majestic Blue
Touch The Sky
Iron Clad
Nobody's Fool (Bonus Track) (3)

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War To End All Wars

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Pony Canyon / SPV
Produced By: Yngwie / Mixed By: Tom Fletcher
Running Time: 72.59 Genre: Melodic Metal
Release Date: Out Now Released: EU JP
WebLink: Yngwie LabelLink: SPV

Contrary to popular belief, I am a Yngwie fan. I just don't dig every release.
There is no doubt the man is a stellar guitarist and helps bring the almost lost art of shredding to a commercial fan base.
True, I have given the maestro a bit of stick over the last 12 months, but that's about to change.
My last Yngwie review battled for points. The self-produced War To End All Wars was met with universally consistent bad reviews.
But credit where credit is due. The catalyst for my change of heart is the new album Attack! Quick simply, the name describes the album's approach perfectly.
Yngwie has again decided to produce this album himself a mistake I first thought. But true to his word after War, in comes a new face Tom Fletcher, who has engineered and mixed this album.
Together they have made a record that is sonically fantastic a world away from the muddy mess that was War.
Attack! is one of the best produced Yngwie albums in years and sounds amazing. The rhythm section pounds purposely away and the vocals and guitar (solos and riffs) are blended perfectly into the mix.
Attack is a sonic blast to the senses from the first note. Over the 15 tracks, only three slow the double kick drum pace. Two are classy instrumentals and one (Valley Of The Kings) is a dark heavy rocker.
On vocals this time around is Doogie White. Doogie is a great singer with his own projects Cornerstone and Rainbow, and once again on Attack proves his worth.
Doogie sings with a passion throughout and matches the album's vibe.
This album should only serve to increase his fan base.
Now I have covered the sound quality, the other important aspect of a good album is songs. And Yngwie sets up to the plate here also. These are some of his best songs of recent memory. Great solos, big riffs and lots of chances for the rest of the band to shine.
The only thing I would like to see is a couple of slower tracks to break the bombardment of the fast tempo'd album. I would also like to have seen the Japanese bonus track on all versions of the album. Nobody's Fool is a great hard riffing track that Yngwie should do more of.

The Bottom Line
Attack really sounds like a band record, so it would be good to think that the next album will feature the same line up.
This album goes a long way to restoring my faith in the great axeman and almost wipes the memory of War To End All Wars away.
I just hope the feedback from the last album won't stop fans from checking this one out, as this is what Yngwie really is about.
Eye catching artwork and good song running order, however I might have shaved one or two tracks off for a shorter running time.

Line Up
Doogie White: Vocals
Yngwie: Guitar + Everything else!
Derek Sherinian: Keyboards
Patrick Johansson: Drums

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