Winger Karma Frontiers Records
Produced By: Kip Winger

Running Time: 45.04

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 95%
Sound: 94%
It was the amazing Pull album that had me thinking Winger were truly an underrated band and it was Kip's solo album Thiscoversationseemslikeadream that convinced me that Kip was a genius at capturing moods and emotions and was always going that one step further creatively in order to create a masterpiece.
Winger's comeback album IV provided fans with something more to chew on, although some didn't like the taste as much as the band's earlier work.
But on Karma, the band comes full circle, retracing the uptempo stadium sounds that influenced the first two albums, and mixing that with the intensity and darker mood of Pull, plus a little of the contemporary vibe of IV.
The result is a highly contagious and engrossing record that should please fans of every era of the band's history this truly is one album for the fans.
Karma is a tough, gritty hard rock record, with more emphasis placed on guitars than just about any other Winger release. It also features Kip almost growling into the mike on occasion reinforcing a tough, 'live in the studio' feel that the songs resonate.
For the record there are still plenty of Kip's silky smooth vocals too and some passionate balladry, but for the most part, this is just a great, in your face, loud rock n roll record.
The opening riff-tastic salvo of Deal With The Devil and Stone Cold Killer are two of the hardest rocking Winger tracks to date and really get the heart pumping.
Big World Away is one of those modern/meets melodic tracks that could have fit onto Winger IV, but has the melodic chorus of something off Pull. Kip's verse vocal is almost a rap/shout only he could get away with this! The song has an amazing late bridge guitar solo that further demonstrates the dominance of guitars on this record.
Come A Little Closer is another astounding track filled with production effects, layers of vocals and melodies. Another moody old-meets-new rocker.
Pull Me Under just flat out rocks! The chorus is melodic bliss and the dual finger shred guitar solo is breathtaking.
After a series of rather short songs, the album finds its first epic in the 6 minute Supernova a slow and sultry song that takes a while to hit its peak.
Always Within Me is another moody, slow starting track that could easily have come from either of the last 2 albums, with the added bonus of an amazing chorus.
Feeding Frenzy is dark, heavy and gives the album a hard rock hit before closing with two more reflective, intense epics.
The first being the 6 minute ballad After All This Time an earthy, organ filled slow rock ballad with some classy soloing throughout.
Then the 7 minute kicker Witness. Wow! What a massive haunting musical landscape with lush vocals, layers of instrumentation and then a beyond massive guitar solo from Reb Beach the guy can seriously play. One of the best solos in recent memory here.
Closing the album is a two minute piano instrumental First Ending.
The Bottom Line
As stated earlier a true fan pleasing album this one. Old school in its approach, without taking a step backward and representing the best parts of Winger over their 20 year history. Great songs, great energy and great performances. Great stuff!
Discography / Previously Reviewed
In The Heart Of The Young

Line Up:
Kip Winger: Vocals, Bass, Acoustics, Keys
Reb Beach: Guitars, Vocals
Rod Morgenstein: Drums
John Roth: Keyboards, Vocals

Essential For Fans Of:
Kip Winger - Solo
Track Listing
Deal With The Devil *
Stone Cold Killer *
Big World Away
Come A Little Closer *
Pull Me Under *
Always Within Me *
Feeding Frenzy
After All This Time
Witness *
First Ending

--*Best Tracks

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