Wig Wam Wigwamania Music Business
Produced By: Wig Wam

Running Time: 43.22

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 93%
Sound: 97%
Let's be honest the guys look pretty freeking bad and their image definitely plays on the whole taking-the-mickey out of the genre they represent. These guys are walking the thin line between tribute and parody that The Darkness also treads.
Where Wig Wam gets it right over The Darkness is that they don't try and take the piss on every track. Yes, they have a shitload of fun, but there are serious moments too.
And the songwriting is nothing short of fantastic inspired by the very best moments of an era now past, with the production sound and energy of today's technology.
And Wig Wam don't have a bloody annoying vocalist who doesn't know how much is too much.
These guys are a class act and the performances on this record better their debut in every way - better vocals, better hooks and melodies, bigger backing vocals and a collection of very memorable songs.
Anyone that owns anything by Poison, Kiss or even early Van Halen needs to check these guys out if you haven't already been converted.
Featuring a classic guitar riff, big chorus and huge harmonies, Rock My Ride opens the album in full flight.
Slave To Your Love is even bigger. Despite having an acoustic verse, the chorus is just massive and the hook instant. Gonna Get You Someday simply continues the run of uptempo rock anthems.
The big rocking power ballad Bygone Zone sounds like classic Mitch Malloy from his debut album, especially in the lead vocal and layered harmonies.
Dare Devil Heat features another guitar fuelled, over the top harmony filled chorus. It is at this point you simply have to admire the production budget and the sounds emanating from the speakers.
Kill My Rock 'N' Roll features a chorus Kiss would have been proud to call their own at any stage during the 80s. Instrumental The Riddle slows the albums rampant pace, but features some amazing shredding guitar fans will eat up.
At The End Of The Day is a more restrained and mellow ballad, which is probably a good thing for the overall pacing of the album.
A R 'N' R Girl Like You gets things back into party mode. Poison take note this is how it's done in 2006!
Rockers Can't Get Her (Out Of My Bed) and Breaking All The Rules continue the tongue in cheek lyrics and none-too-serious theme of the record. Not as groovy as the front half of the album, but some great guitar work make these worthy of their inclusion.
The Bottom Line
Wig Wam do have that 'look at me' image, but thankfully their music has far more depth and the songs speak for themselves. This album has an amazing sound that any major label would be proud of and fans of late 80s hard rocking anthems are going to be blown away by the consistency of this collection of good fun rockers and blazing guitar fueled anthems.
One album that is destined to feature in many year-end 'best of' lists.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
It's Hard To Be A Rock N Roller

Line Up:
Glam: Vocals
Teeny: Guitars
Sporty: Drums
Flash: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Wig Wam
Poison, Kiss
Kick Ass Good Times RNR!
Track Listing
Wig Wamania (Intro)
Rock My Ride *
Slave To Your Love *
Gonna Get You Someday *
Bygone Zone *
Dare Devil Heat *
Kill My Rock 'N' Roll
The Riddle
At The End Of The Day
A R 'N' R Girl Like You
Can't Get Her (Out Of My Bed)
Breaking All The Rules

--*Best Tracks

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