Wig Wam
Hard To Be A Rock N Roller....In Kiev

Produced By: Teeny (Wig Wam)

Running Time: 53.13

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Glam / Melodic Rock

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Songs: 85%
Sound: 90%
I did a brief review for these guys last year, but now is an ideal time to revisit this album, being that it has been repacked and re-released to cash-in, sorry, to capitalize on the band's recent appearance at Eurovision 2005 with their new song In My Dreams.
That track has been added as the opening song on what was the album 667 Neighbour Of The Beast. That is certainly a more apt title, as it highlights the tongue in cheek nature of these glamsters.
This album is a highly enjoyable voyage into past glories, where good times ruled and rock n roll was best served up big and the bigger the better. Taking inspiration from the likes of Poison, Kiss, Def Leppard, Tigertailz and early Motley Crue, these guys glam it up to the max, but back up their look and their attitude with some great songs.
There is no denying that the likes of In My Dreams, I Turn To You, Best Song In The World and No More Living On Lies are great songs and great examples of instantly catchy melodic hard rock.
There is some depth to these guys too the album contains plenty for fans of Scandi melodic rock and the guitar solos come thick and fast throughout. The band slows it down in places for a couple of solid ballads such as Tell Me Where To Go and Out Of Time.
Somewhat darker thru the mid-section, the album reverts to good time rock n roll for the conclusion. Hard To Be A Rock N Roller ends the album on a positively glam-stocked high note.
The Bottom Line
Perhaps a couple of tracks too long, there is no doubt the album offers great value for money and will please old school melodic hard rock fans. Never too serious, the guys deliver some high energy music, all layered with harmony vocals and thanks to a huge production, the album sounds a million bucks.
667...Neighbour Of The Beast / Hard To Be A Rock N Roller

Line Up:
Glam: Vocals, Acoustic Guitars
Teeny: Guitars, Backing Vocals
Sporty: Drums
Flash: Bass, Backing Vocals

Essential For Fans Of:
early Motley Crue
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Track Listing
In My Dreams*
667 (Intro)
The Best Song In The World*
Crazy Things*
Bless The Night
The Drop
No More Living On Lies
Out Of Time
Mine All Mine
Tell Me Where To Go*
I Turn To You
A Long Way
Hard To Be A Rock N Roller*
--*Best Tracks

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