White Wolf Victim Of The Spotlight Escape Music
· Produced By: Martin Kronlund

· Running Time: 53.18

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

· Links: Escape Music
Songs: 87%
Sound: 93%
White Wolf were another one of those acts that never broke into mainstream through no fault of their own and in my case, are an act that slipped by in the days where so many other bands were vying for attention.
So I have noting to go on but the face value of this "comeback" release. Dare I say that on the strength of this release, further investigation is definitely warranted!
White Wolf vocalist Don Wolf sounds to me like a hybrid of Ian Gillan, Graham Bonnet and. The music itself isn't far removed from classic energetic Deep Purple and other such stalwarts of classic rock.
I must state right away that this is a great sounding record. The production here is first rate – thumping rhythm section, big guitars and right tight mix that gives everyone room to breathe. The band is comprised of original vocalist Don and guitarist Cam Macleod, and the Swedish element fronted by Escape Music's man of the moment Martin Kronlund, who knows exactly what is needed and delivers big time.
Victim Of The Spotlight is a big bombastic opener that is only surpassed by the anthemic appeal of America (Hello Again).
One More Lie is another track that stands out from the pack and gets better with each listen.
The album really does capture an old-school sound without sounding dated, with keyboards delicately placed to recapture that classic sound.
Other highlights include the hard rock of Price Of One; the anthemic 80s rock of Dreams Are Forever; the free flowing Don't Turn Away and the double time rocker Out Of Control. The great appeal of the album is the consistency of the material and the solid sound that really makes this a great melodic hard rock record.
The Bottom Line
I'm not sure everyone will be into Don Wolf's gruff vocal delivery, but behind the rasp is some definite power and some appealing songs. Good solid, great sound…that's about all you need to capture the attention of potential fans, so I would class this "comeback" release as a success.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Standing Alone
· Endangered Species
· Victim of a Spotlight

Line Up:
· Don Wolf: Vocals
· Cam Macleod, Martin Kronlund: Guitars
· Imre Daun: Drums
· Rikard Quist: Bass, Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· White Wolf
· Classic Hard Rock
Track Listing
· Victim of the Spotlight *
· The Wolf
· America (Hello Again) *
· The Eyes Of The World
· One More Lie *
· Hard Cold Stone
· Price Of One
· Dreams Are Forever *
· Nightmares
· Hold On (Getting Tighter)
· Don't Turn Away
· Out Of Control

--*Best Tracks

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