Wetton Downes Icon 3 Frontiers Records
Produced By: Wetton & Downes

Running Time: 53.53

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Pop Rock

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Songs: 70%
Sound: 85%
I have given the partnership of vocalist John Wetton and Geoff Downes a fair bit of leeway in recent years. The first two Icon releases were cool, if not a little soft and the two live albums were utterly horrible. Then the last Asia album was also far too laid back, but still featured some quality tunes. I was positive in my review as I knew many would love it and many wouldn't and that was about how the split went.
So, with a view to looking at this release as another record fans of the duo should love, I dive in and have come up disappointed again.
This is another well crafted and recorded album and the performances themselves cannot be questioned, but the song quality simply isn't there and the record is way way too laid back.
The trilogy of songs Green Lights and Blue Skies, Raven and My Life Is In Your Hands creatute what amounts to a 10 minute lullaby until the last track finally kicks into second gear for a minute or two. Only Twice The Man I Was, Never Thought I'd See You Again and Don't Go Out Tonight really lift the tempo past leisurely.
There is an audience for records like this and these guys have more than their share of eager fans to eat up anything they release.
I do appreciate and admire the talents of both, but I have heard better elsewhere from both of them and will stick to the first album (which I rate the best) and some classic Asia in between. This is definitely not a record for those that love a chorus to hit them as often as possible.
The Bottom Line
In a word slow. If a late night album to relax to is on your shopping list or you simply must have everything Asia related, then this is for you. Otherwise I think the guys might be stretching the songwriting resources a little thin now and might be better taking a little longer to ensure they have the best set of tunes available to offer fans. And please pick up the pace a little.
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Line Up:
John Wetton: Vocals, Bass, Guitars
Geoffrey Downes: Keyboards
Dave Kilminster: Guitars
Pete Riley: Drums
Hugh McDowell: Cello

Essential For Fans Of:
Wetton/Downes - Icon
Asia - Phoenix
Track Listing
Twice The Man I Was *
Green Lights and Blue Skies
My Life Is In Your Hands *
Sex, Power and Money
Anna's Kiss
Under The Sky
Don't Go Out Tonight *
Never Thought I'd See You Again
Peace In Our Time

--*Best Tracks

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