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When I Come Home
How Good It Feels (1)
A Million Miles (3)
What If
Look To See
Righteous One (2)
Misery Loves Company
I Can't Run
Neon Knights

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Westworld (3)
Skin (2)
Cyberdreams (1)

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Z Records
Produced By: Westworld Engineered By: Bruno Ravel
Running Time: 47.58 Genre: Melodic Rock
Release Date: October 28 Released: EU US JP
WebLink: Westworld LabelLink: Z Records

Westworld return for album number three. Their self titled debut started out as a project, with the band finding their feet. Skin was a more cohesive album with a darker vibe and somewhat retro rock vibe.
On Cyberdreams everything you could possibly hope for has come together for a simply brilliant melodic rock record that sees the guys nail every aspect needed for a great album.
This CD is the best produced album of the three collectively produced by the band and expertly mixed by Bruno Ravel, there isn't a single note that's not clearly audible.
This is also the best set of songs the guys have written. Each track flows seamlessly into the next, making this one of the smoothest running albums in recent memory.
And best of all, this album is pure melodic rock bliss. Every single track has multiple hooks which get better with every listen.
As instantly memorable as many of the tracks are, the real beauty of this record is the extra layers that are revealed with each listen, thanks to some intelligent songwriting and excellent production.
Cyberdreams retains the vibe the band created on the first two albums, but is even more melodically enhanced it reveals a very commercial side to the band that I am sure will strike a chord with old and new fans. The overall style remains dark, but in places the choruses are pure pop. It's that contrast that I really love about this band and in particular, this album.
Tony Harnell puts in the best vocal performance I have heard in years, dominating the record with some big vocals. The rhythm section is as tight as ever, lightening up some after the moody vibe of Skin. And Mark Reale riffs hard when needed, provides some blistering solos, but also plays with some refined and truly melodic harmonics not previously heard from him.
Cyberdreamer was previewed here earlier, so should be familiar to most. The track features a moody feel not unfamiliar to Skin, with the band seemingly starting out where they left off. String orchestration through the track adds great depth and feel.
A strong beat kicks off When I Come Home, a solid hard rocker that lifts the tempo from the opening track. It's right here you are truly aware that this band now has their own sound.
It's a verse bridge - chorus affair, with the song likely to appeal to classic TNT fans, just with that Westworld feel. It's not a huge chorus, but the authority with which it is sung makes it a classic. There are some classic Harnell high notes featured as the song goes on.
How Good It Feels again features a solid, heavy rhythm and strong guitar break. The verse features Harnell in dark and moody mode, but then this monster melodic chorus crashes through, with one of the better instant classic hooks of the year. A dark rocker, with a feel good heart. Immaculately produced.
The intro to A Million Miles is classic Westworld seemingly dark and moody, yet it features a cool melodic guitar riff riding over it. The song detour's for the bridge, seemingly getting the listener ready for something else and sure enough, totally back flips when the big happy-go-lucky melodic chorus bursts through. The songs continues to feature a great contrast between the darker verse and the very uptempo, happy pop-rock verse, piano accompaniment included!
What If is another track that clearly stamps out the band's distinct sound. This is another cool song of contrasts. The intro is layered synth/keyboards solo, moving into a dark and heavy guitar riff, added to by an effects-filled lead vocal. The songs builds into a really rocking, but slow tempo'd moody rock ballad, with pounding rhythm and again features a verse bridge - chorus set up.
Look To See is the only real slow ballad of the album. This track features a piano lead, with acoustic guitar joining in eventually. The soft ballad retains a dark mood, with orchestration adding more depth. Tony's haunting vocals give the listener a sense that the song is about to explode. I'll leave it for you to discover if it does or not. The great piano parts here and on the whole album are supplied by Ice Age's vocalist/keyboardist Josh Pincus, who is now an associate member of Westworld.
It's time to rock again and Righteous One does just that. Leading off with another heavy guitar riff and some additional soloing, the song features another classic Harnell / TNT vocal. Then there's the chorus great stuff!
It gets better with every listen, with the chorus short in length first up and then longer with each occurrence. It's a big rocking track this one and the very melodic chorus is an instant classic. The addition of keyboards within the chorus just add to the melodic change of pace. Lyrically and stylistically, this track is an aggressive burst of venom!
Misery Loves Company lightens things up just a touch. At least, it isn't as aggressive as Righteous One. This is a mid tempo rocker that features another strong chorus that is more melodic than the rest of the song. Add in an acoustic and then electric lead break mid-track and it makes an interesting listen.
And that's the whole point isn't it? Make the choruses stand out so the listener loves both parts of the song structure. This band does it time and time again on this album and I suggest some other artists that seem unable to do as such, should take a listen to this.
I Can't Run continues the mid-to-uptempo vibe, with another strong guitar track. This one isn't as instant as some other tracks, but adds texture and contrast to the album, varying the pace, without sounding out of place, brilliantly.
And what better way to close the album than a blistering rendition of the Ronnie Dio sung Black Sabbath number Neon Knights.
This is possibly the heaviest and most aggressive track the buys have put down on record. What a huge effort from all they nail this track with their own individual style clearly stamped on it. But boy, does it rock!

The Bottom Line
Where do I start? Simply put, the album improves on every aspect of the band's first two albums - which were already great records. It's the sharpness in production quality, melodic hooks in the fabulous songs and the sheer likeability of the album as a whole that leads to a high mark like this.
The songs are just so good...
There's not much more you could ask of any band - these guys have truly delivered with this album.
Sundries - Artwork is interesting, and running time and song order is just about perfect. No fillers in sight here.
For me - one of the best albums of the year. It's moves the melodic rock cause into the future, while retaining the best elements of the past.

Line Up
Tony Harnell: Vocals
Mark Reale: Guitar
John O Reilly: Drums
Bruno Ravel: Bass
Josh Pincus: Keyboards

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