Waysted Back From The Dead Majestic Rock Records
· Produced By: Waysted

· Running Time: 40.25

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released: EU JP

· Musical Style: Blues Hard Rock

· Links: Majestic Rock
Songs: 75%
Sound: 75%
Any Pete Way release is going to be received with some enthusiasm, based upon his amazing career of music. Pete decided to bring back his long time side-band Waysted – a name that brings found memories and big expectations.
From what I have heard, this album proved a challenge to get completed - it took quite some time to get the tracks completed and ready for release. I guess that's why the regular release boasts a mere 8 tracks, while the Japanese release adds two extra tracks, which I will address later.
There are two eras of Waysted and both have their individual fans. The last two studio Waysted albums featured a young Danny Vaughn pre-Tyketto and featured some very commercial straight ahead melodic rock which fans loved. Save Your Prayers is still a highly regarded classic.
The first era featured vocalist Fin, who provided a bluesier hard rock voice, which would prove to be a perfect match for Pete Way's songwriting style and bass playing and is closest to the sound of UFO - Way's main gig.
The announcement of a Waysted reunion drew excitement from the AOR crowd, but Back From The Dead features Fin and is therefore a return to the bluesy hard rock of UFO.
Fin's a good old school style vocalist and fits this material perfectly. The style of the album is only a short hop from recent UFO releases and the classic Waysted sound.
While the sound and style is there – at least for fans of the classic era Pete Way - the songwriting and vibe is a little different. With only 8 tracks to play with, each track should be a gem and that is quite simply not the case.
There are moments of brilliance, and some stunning guitar playing from Chris George - whose work replaced original guitarist Paul Chapman's riffs – another reason for the delay in getting the album done.
There are also passages where things don't flow as well and the song cries out for a good hook and something memorable to draw the listener back. The opening track The Alternativa is some 7 minutes long, but holds the listener to every note. It has the energy, the purpose and the drive that every track deserved.
From its brooding intro to the rugged, raspy vocals of Fin to the inspired extended guitar shred, this is Waysted at their best.
Garden Of Eden sounds like it could have been lifted from either Mogg/Way album and rocks along ok also.
The mellower, acoustic driven Dreams is another ok track, but the tempo of the album is halted somewhat.
I like the chorus hook for Must B More 2 It Than This and the song itself features some solid guitar playing. More along the lines of this and The Alternativa would have been cool.
The Price Of Love is horrible…a mere 2.56 long, the songs features a crappy chorus and some pretty rough vocals.
Breakfast Show features another monotonous chorus. Some of the guitar playing is first rate, but the song itself goes nowhere and the lead vocal is again pretty rough.
The 6 minute I'm Gonna Love Ya is a bluesy ballad that brings the album quality back up and is another highlight. It builds tempo as it moves along and features some fine blues guitar riffing and a solid vocal.
Lost In Cleveland is another very rough and at time gruff track (vocally speaking), but it does have some charm. Sadly, it closes out the album and after 41 minutes, the album that took a couple of years to complete, is done.
The Japanese bonus tracks are both classic UFO tracks, redone by this line-up for this occasion. The Wild, The Willing And The Innocent and No Place To Run are both faithful renditions of the better known originals, but are considerably rougher and rawer. Going by the import price of Japanese CDs, I'd recommend the import version for strict die-hards only.
The Bottom Line
A reasonable album, but one with flaws and obvious problems from the outset. When that's the case, a classic is always going to be hard to create. There are some fine moments fans of Waysted and of UFO will eat up, but there are some definite gaps where the listener deserves more and with only 8 tracks on offer, the release comes up short, with 2 additional knockout tunes needed to get it into the must buy category.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Vices
· Waysted
· The Good The Bad And The Waysted
· Save Your Prayers
· Wilderness of Mirrors
· Back From The Dead

Line Up
· Fin: Vocals, Harp
· Pete Way: Bass & Vocals
· Chris George: Guitars
· Paul Haslin: Drums & Vocals (2, 7, 8)
· Scott Philips: All Other Drums

Essential for fans of:
· Mogg/Way
Track Listing
· The Alternativa*
· Garden Of Eden*
· Dreams
· Must B More 2 It Than This*
· Price Of Love
· Breakfast Show
· I'm Gonna Love Ya
· Lost In Cleveland
--*Best Tracks

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