War & Peace
The Walls Have Eyes
Z Records
Produced By: Jeff Pilson

Running Time: 59.40

Release Date: Out Now

Released: EU

Musical Style: Modern Melodic/Hard Rock

Links: Jeff Pilson
Songs: 85%
Sound: 87%
I'm glad I gave this album some time to grow on me I'm a fan of Pilson, but don't necessarily love everything he does. He has a good ear for more updated, modern tones which is something I'm not always into.
The new War & Peace album is the same. Much like Pilson's last project Lynch/Pilson, The Walls Have Eyes is a modern rock themed album, with darker, heavier rock than the lighter stadium rock of Dokken.
But where this differs from Lynch/Pilson, I think the songs are better and just that little bit more memorable. Let's be blunt this album rocks big time and any fan of Pilson's work in general will already own this record and appreciate it.
For others it might need sampling first. There's a certain 70's flavoured Zeppelin vibe to a few tracks, but generally the music centers on a tuned down, dark and heavy modern rock feel.
But Pilson's song writing and vocals tend to have a melodic effect on the otherwise heavy material, making it more appealing.
I wasn't into this release at all to start with, but it's one of those albums that just gets better each listen and in the end I rather like it and rate it just a little better than the Lynch Pilson release.
That said, you will still have to be a fan of darker, modern tones to fully appreciate this.
The Bottom Line
Regardless of style and design, quality songwriting can be detected easily and Jeff Pilson is a fine songwriter. This album further proves that point, even if it's a shade darker and heavier than his bets known past. A fine example of modern melodic hard rock.
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Track Listing
City In Flames
The Walls Have Eyes*
Stranger In My Own Land
Rock And Roll Breakdown*
No One Is Listening
You Haunt Me
The Shell
Black In The Mirror
Desperate Hearts
The Line In The Sand
Walk Away
--*Best Tracks

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