Voices Of Rock MMVII AOR Heaven
· Produced By: Chris Lausmann & Michael Voss

· Running Time: 42.00

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

· Links: AOR Heaven
Songs: 88%
Sound: 92%
This is an interesting release and dare I say a wet dream for some considering the vocal talent assembled.
One would have a hard time arguing the about the project moniker Voices Of Rock. James Christian, Harry Hess, Terry Brock, Johnny Gioeli to name just a few.
To explain – the project was born out of a partnership between German melodic rock mainstays Chris Lausmann (Bonfire, Jaded Heart) and Michael Voss (Mad Max, Casanova).
The duo wrote all the material here and went to work gathering the finest voices possible to represent that material. I think they have done a fine job on both counts.
The musicians featured on the record are Michael Voss - lead guitars, acoustic guitars; Chris Lausmann - guitars, bass, keyboards; Bertram Engel – drums; Angel G. Schleifer - lead guitars and yes, of course once again Tommy Denander - lead guitars.
This is a very commercial record featuring a very accessible set of songs that is going to appeal to a wide base of fans.
Given the nature of the band and the duo responsible for writing the material, there is a certain German/European melodic rock feel to much of the album, but the vocals help give it that worldwide appeal.
A couple of the songs don't quite work as well as I might have anticipated, but the majority fire on all cylinders and there is even room for a couple of surprises.
Specifically to the tracks –
James Christian singing Voodoo Woman is one that doesn't live up to expectation. Not due to the vocal, just the absence of a better hook.
Jean Beauvoir / Wild Thing is nearly perfect for Crown Of Thorns fans and a definite highlight.
Terry Brock / Nightingale is a moody and haunting rock track with a great vocal and driven by the Michael Voss influence.
Dan Reed makes a welcome melodic rock return for the sentimental ballad Over And Done.
Johnny Gioeli / Phoenix Rising is another track that I haven't warmed to and for the same reason as the opening track. Great verse, but missing a chorus hook.
Harry Hess / Irresistible is another highlight. Harry turns in a different style of vocal for this haunting and moody rocker with an extended outro that really works.
Göran Edman / China In Your Hands is once again pure AOR/melodic rock brilliance.
Robin Beck / Underloved is another taste of the wonderful voice that has impressed recently.
Steve Overland / Slip Away is one of the more commercial pop/AOR numbers I have heard Steve sing in recent years and I think FM fans will love it!
Naturally Gary Barden has to take part in this project and his track Love Is Blind closes out the album. Typical Barden and another fine track to add to a very impressive album.
Of course, all these great songs do raise the question of why can't the recent Bonfire releases be equally consistent and enjoyable.
The Bottom Line
Some strong songwriting is the basis for a strong album. Making it even better is some of the great vocalists from within the genre and the production team's skilled choices of who should sing what. Without such wise choices, the album could be a mess, but it isn't and it also features a super tight sound. A highlight of the yea so far for fans of European styled straight ahead melodic rock.
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Line Up:
· Various: Vocals
· Michael Voss: Guitars
· Bertram Engel: Drums
· Chris Lausmann: Guitars, Bass, Keyboards
· Angel G. Schleifer, Tommy Denander: Lead Guitars

Essential For Fans Of:
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Track Listing
· Voodoo Woman
· Wild Thing *
· Nightingale *
· Over And Done *
· Phoenix Rising
· Irresistible *
· China In Your Hands *
· Underloved
· Slip Away
· Love Is Blind

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