Velvet Revolver Contraband RCA Records
Produced By:

Running Time: 60.00

Release Date: Out Now

Released: WORLD

Musical Style: Modern Rock

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Songs: 80%
Sound: 95%
No-one is going to make me love this album. It just doesn't do anything for me at all. I don't think it will be rated a classic, but I could be wrong! There will be a great number of people that will enjoy this album and it will certainly find a range of new fans.
This is a good honest modern rock album, of which Slash is clearly the star of the show. But I don't think it has the charisma, or lasting abilities that Guns N Roses or Stone Temple Pilots had.
I'm a huge GNR fan and was hoping that this would be a partial return to the glory days of the band. I'm realistic enough to realize it's never going to be a carbon copy of GNR, but my expectations pretty much went out the window when I heard Weiland had been hired as the vocalist. That move was a clear indication this would be a modern rock project and that's exactly what it is.
But, I believe it could have been much better. I think the biggest problem is vocalist Scott Weiland.
I don't like his vocals to say the least and I'm not overly excited by the musical content. It's produced to perfection and all involved play their hearts out, but I'm still not sold on it.
It's like the Brides Of Destruction album all over again. I knew the albums would go head to head this year, but I am surprised that I feel almost the same way about both.
Before anyone reminds me it isn't 1988 anymore, let me remind you that I think there are plenty of killer modern rock albums available that feature strong, authorative vocals and memorable song hooks.
There were some reports the album featured no guitar solos not true, there are a few fine solos on Contraband. My views are mainly due to the style of the songs and the vocals behind them. This is no frills, in your face, aggressive modern rock.
The Bottom Line
There are some good solid songs here the heavy rock ballad Fall To Pieces is a highlight, as is Do It For The Kids - a solid modern rocker. The lead tracks Slither and Set Me Free are also very good. Much like Brides Of Destruction, this line-up does not see their future connected with their past and have updated their sound and chosen their vocalist accordingly. I think there are some killer examples of modern hard rock out there, but none of those artists are ever going to come close to the publicity these guys will recieve. And that's a shame.
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Line Up
Scott Weiland: Vocals
Slash: Guitars
Matt Sorum: Drums
Duff McKagen: Bass
Dave Kushner: Guitars

Essential for fans of:
Stone Temple Pilots
Neurotic Outsiders
Guns N Roses
Track Listing
Sucker Train Blues
Do It For The Kids*
Big Machine
Illegal I Song
Fall To Pieces*
Set Me Free*
You Got No Right
Dirty Little Thing
Loving The Alien
--*Best Tracks

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