Track Listing
Tear Me Down (1)
Falling (3)
All Around Me
Bring Me Home (2)
Sleeping Town
You See Three
Kings of Tragedy
Shades of Love
Unruly Child

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Discography & (Rank)
Unruly Child (1)
Waiting For The Sun (3)
Basement Demos (4)
Marcie Free - Tormented (5)

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Unruly Child
Lou Gramm
Frontiers Records FRCD136
Produced By: Bruce Gowdy & Guy Allison
Running Time: 45.08 Release Date: January 27
Released: EU Genre: AOR
WebLink: Unruly Child LabelLink: Frontiers

Unruly Child are back for studio album number 3. Helmed by Bruce Gowdy and Guy Allison, this album sees singer number 3 on board in the form of former Magdalen vocalist Philip Bardowell.
Gowdy and Allison have taken the responsibility of handling all instrumental duties, something they do with ease.
Gowdy's talent of as a producer and studio wiz is well known, which is why it is no surprise this album sounds as slick and as free flowing as it does.
Bardowell does well to bring life to the music, supplying lead and his own backing and harmony vocals. He also benefits from the well mixed sound of this album.
Bardowell is the perfect foil for Gowdy and Allison. It's a musical perfect fit, with this updated Unruly Child sound more mature than previous albums. His vocals are rich and powerful and his tone fits somewhere between original singer Mark Free and fellow melodic rock legend Lou Gramm.
At the same time, the musical style fits somewhere between the band's legendary debut album and the last Waiting For The Sun album - which featured Kelly Hansen on vocals.
Add a touch of Lou Gramm (Falling), a little of the Zeppelinesque retro feel (Sleeping Town & All Around Me) and the progressive vibe that Bardowell brings in from past experience (Kings Of Tragedy) and you really have a smart, intelligent melodic rock record. This album adds more organ than previously heard - with Guy's touch all over this record.

The guys rock out on tracks like Tear Me Down and the archive track Unruly Child, which come closest to the sound of the debut, then switch to passionate ballad mode on the excellent Bring Me Home and the layered Shades Of Love. They, produce a little something out of the ordinary on other album tracks like the epic closer Something, the harmony and organ drenched All Around Me and the pace changer Vertigo.
There's great variety within this album, all held together by the strong vocals, the consistent sound and style and the unmistakable songwriting chemistry between Gowdy and Allison.

The Bottom Line
A more mature and diverse record than the band's other two studio releases, yet easily familiar to fans of the past work. Musically I don't think this is as instant as the other two albums. It's instead a more complex record that unfolds over repeat listens.
Philip Bardowell is the next best singer possible after Mark Free. The material is also the strongest since the debut and therefore this album is the next best to that album. It's a change for those used to Free, or even those not familiar with the band. This is not your average melodic rock record. It's a n intelligent and mature slice of music that can only do good things for the reputation of the scene. Give it some time and it will reward you amply.

Line Up
Philip Bardowell: Vocals
Bruce Gowdy: Guitars, Bass, Drums
Guy Allison: Keyboards, Bass, Drums

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