Track Listing
On The Rise
Take Me Down Nasty (1)
To Be Your Everything
Lay Down Your Arms (3)
Is It Over
Let's Talk About Love
Long Hair Woman
Live In The Night
Unruly Child
Down The Road
Still Believe
The Man Inside
Live Without Love
True Love (2)

(*) Best Tracks

Discography & (Rank)
Unruly Child (1)
Waiting For The Sun (3)
Marcie Free - Tormented (4)
The Basement Demos (2)

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Unruly Child - Unruly Child
Unruly Child - Waiting For The Sun
Mark Free - Tormented
The Basement Demos
Frontiers Records FRCD 134
Produced By: Guy Allison & Bruce Gowdy
Running Time: 72.50 Genre:
Release Date: December 2 Released: EU
WebLink: Unruly Child LabelLink: Frontiers

I love Unruly Child - always have. Their Beau Hill produced debut album is a classic example of high-tech, slick melodic hard rock, with lots of AOR hooks.
Behind the band is a very talented line-up and out front - one of the greatest melodic rock vocalists of all time. There's Lou Gramm, Steve Perry, Joseph Williams and then there's the great Mark Free.
Unruly Child's debut was one of the last album's Mark Free recorded before his career change.
There were however, sessions that were leading towards a follow up album.
Some of those songs were released in 1996 by Long Island Records, as Marcie Free's Tormented album.
A couple of unreleased tunes were also featured on the Unruly Child album Waiting For The Sun - which featured new vocalist Kelly Hansen. One tune will even appear on the new album UCIII - featuring the band's third vocalist in as many albums.
The Basement Demos is an archive release bringing may of these songs together in one place and adding a few new lost gems.
As far as compilations of unreleased tunes, you don't find them as good as this very often.
At 16 tracks and a bonus DVD, the value also couldn't be better!
On board are seven original demos that would go on to become the debut album, a few tracks from those sessions that didn't make the debut, plus songs from the sessions intended for the heavier Twelve Pound Sledge project.
What impresses me the most - as the sound quality. While these are most definitely demos, I have heard finished product that wouldn't come close to these tracks.
Yes, these are certainly stripped down, rawer and heavier versions of the very polished final versions, but they sound great, and as I said earlier, have given the songs a new lease of life. Especially for those like me that know the originals inside out.
It's great to hear Mark Free sing anything and the inclusion of a few tracks I had not heard before make this a very welcomed release.
Because Unruly Child was a very polished release, it's great to hear Free singing balls to the wall and with a heavier edge. He can truly sing any style, any song...
Adding to the value - a bonus DVD of behind the scene's studio footage and bootleg live footage is included. While it's not a full length DVD release, the footage contained within is very tastefully presented and is an interesting watch.

The Bottom Line
Utterly essential for any fan of Unruly Child, Mark Free and classic early 90's American melodic hard rock.
The songs are first rate, the versions vary enough to make them almost unique - certainly fresh - and the new lost gems are nothing short of fabulous.
This release is a testament to the chemistry this band had and to the time in history these songs slotted into.
Although UC live on in fine style, they'll never be quite as good as the original!

Line Up
Mark Free: Vocals
Bruce Gowdy: Guitar
Guy Allison: Keyboards
Jay Schellen: Drums
Larry Antonio: Bass

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