Track Listing
Outlaw Man
Quicksilver Rider
Serenity (2)
Dead Man Walking (1)
Shadow Dancer
Someone's Gotta Have To Pay
Sea Of Faith
Fighting Man (3)
Perfect View
Crossing Over

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Walk On Water (1)
Covenant (2)
Sharks (3)

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UFO - Covenant
Produced By: Mike Varney
Running Time: 49.39 Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: Out Now Released: EU US
LabelLink: SPV

What people don't realize is that after adding a range of new reviews, I continue to listen to the new albums afterwards, to make sure the comments that will forever be attributed tome are how I feel.
That fact, coupled with the insistence of several readers that I give UFO a second chance has led me to this amendment.
I am happy to admit that I was too harsh on the classic rockers.
While I am not upgrading the album to classic status, I will concede that it is better than a 50 score. So with a small mention to the tracks that helped me reach this conclusion Sea Of Faith and Fighting Man I'll up the mark to a 70.
Still think the first two tracks are horrible, but the back end of the album has substantially more to offer.

UFO's re-union album Walk On Water is an essential part of a melodic rock fan's collection. It's brilliant and oozes attitude and style.
Then came their last album, Covenant. I got this one wrong. I got into it, wrote a favorable review, posted it and soon after regretted it.
It's one of the few examples I will admit to being wrong on, as I haven't listened to that album since reviewing it. It may have rocked, but I already knew it lacked all the charm of Walk On Water, but it was even worse than that.
But back to UFO in the last few years there have been the controversial tours twice they tried, twice they fell apart mid tour, with tantrums, fights and bitching.
This album is a little different than Covenant. Michael Schenker still looks like a bloody hillbilly, who can still play a mean lick, but to me there is just no atmosphere to this album.
I still believe this is a 'cash up front please' album, but is does have it's charms. Serenity is one of those moments, as is Dead Man Walking.
The opening two tracks do the album no favor's whatsoever, but there's more to like in the closing stages, like Sea Of Faith and Fighting Man.

The Bottom Line
Flat. Generally, the album sounds loose and raw. It will be personal choice whether this album rates higher or lower than Covenant.
Musically there are some blues rock moments and some 70's classic rock attitude, not to mention some of the feel of the last two albums.

Line Up
Phil Mogg: Vocals
Michael Schenker: Guitar
Ansley Dunbar: Drums
Pete Way: Bass

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