Two Of A Kind Two Of A Kind Frontiers Records
Produced By: Fred Hendrix

Running Time: 50.13

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: AOR / Melodic Rock

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Songs: 95%
Sound: 90%
For those that were disappointed in the direction Heart have taken in recent years, take note of this record! This is a wonderful release that mixes the styles of European melodic rock with the direction and vocal sound of classic 80s era Heart!
I'm not sure which of the two lead vocalists is Ann Wilson and which is Nancy, but together they sound amazing and at times I swear I was listening to the Brigade record or even the poppier Bad Animals.
The songs and musical backing comes from the brains trust of Fred Hendrix (Terrra Nova), hence the strong European melodic rock influence over the sound.
Having been disappointed in the last couple of Hendrix directed records, it is with great pleasure that I state that he has nailed it this time around.
This is simply melodic bliss, with some fine rock songs surrounded in harmonies and multiple hooks.
The rockers are good, but the mid-tempo tracks and slower ballads are simply divine and I imagine fans of pure AOR and female fronted bands are going to adore this record. Even when the band are rocking (Light in the Dark, Heaven Can Wait, Whole Again, To The Top), the sound is bathed in keyboards and harmonies.
But it is the pure AOR tracks that go right over the top. The Longest Night is simply glorious with its light Van Hagar style guitar riff and monster chorus; Give Me a Reason is pure 80s Heart complete with dual harmonies and so many hooks it is amazing; the breezy, uptempo acoustic driven Into the Fire is perfect and the more laid back mid-tempo In Your Arms is equally lush.
Little By Little is perhaps the only track that fails to match the great choruses of the songs that surround it.
As for slower numbers Unbearable and I Die A Little More Everyday both fit the bill as far as lighter-in-the-air 80s power ballads.
The Bottom Line
Definitely one to place high on the must have lists. Great vocals, beautiful harmonies and soaring choruses. All the trademarks of a great melodic rock record, plus it is well produced and really does contain some catchy European AOR style songs.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Two Of A Kind

Line Up:
Esther Brouns, Anita Craenmehr: Vocals
Gesuino Derosas: Guitars
Hans in t Zandt: Drums
Fred Hendrix: Bass
Ron Hendrix: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
Terra Nova
Track Listing
Light in the Dark
The Longest Night *
Little by Little
Give Me a Reason *
Heaven Can Wait *
Unbearable *
Into the Fire *
In Your Arms *
Whole Again
To The Top
I Die a Little More Everyday

--*Best Tracks

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