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Produced By: TNT

Running Time:

Release Date: Out Now (JP)

Released: JP

Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 98%
Taste is just that - a taste of TNT circa 2003 before a full studio album arrives later this year. The EP is out now in Japan and will be released minus one track in Europe first week of June - and under an alternative title - Give Me A Sign.
The songs contained on this EP were all recorded earlier this year, apart from Destiny, which is an unreleased track from the Tell No Tales sessions.
The style of the songs is nicely varied. This is not a repeat of the more modern sounds of Transistor or Firefly, but rather an updated sound for 2003 that still relies on strong melodies. It's not that far removed from the same vibe that made the last Westworld album such a success.
Track By Track:
Live Today is a cracking rocker in any one's language. A subtle guitar intro and restrained, somewhat dark and moody verse bursts into a classic TNT chorus. While not being an over the top anthem, the songs nevertheless sticks in one's brain as if it was.
Hey Love is a slow and dark rock ballad which continues the style of the opening track, but in a heavier, slower vibe. The chorus takes a few listens, but it's another strong rock track without doubt.
Satellite is genius stuff! From the darker opening tracks comes a complete turn around in this happy go lucky guitar driven 3 minute pop song. Happy, feel good and possibly the most commercial pop track the band have ever recorded. Features a very catchy beat and chorus.
Give Me A Sign is the band turning to their more modern side, with another dark and moody rock track, with some hints of the Transistor vibe, yet with a more accessible melodic guitar tone. No big chorus, but one that still sticks.
Magic Little Nightmare is another change of pace for the band - an acoustic ballad. Moody again and highlights a new side of the band.
Destiny is a track left over from the Tell No Tales sessions and clearly doesn't match the sonics of the rest of the EP, but is still a worthy inclusion and a gift for fans of the band's classic era.
Yes it has dated somewhat, but it's still a cool flashback on a great period of hard rock music.

The Bottom Line
This Taste really does wet my appetite. It clearly demonstrates that there is a lot to look forward to for the full length album later this year. The band haven't returned to old styles, as Tony Harnell has always said the band will continue to move forward, but they have definitely shown a willingness to create some fine new music filled with hooks and strong melodies.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Knights Of The New Thunder
Tell No Tales
Realised Fantasies

Line Up
Tony Harnell: Vocals
Ronnie LeTekro: Guitar
Diesel Dahl: Drums
Morty Black: Bass

Essential for fans of:
Tony Harnell
Track Listing
Live Today
Hey Love
Give Me A Sign
Magic Little Nightmare

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