TNT Live In Madrid MTM Music
Produced By: TNT

Running Time: 85.00

Release Date: September 22


Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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DVD Review: Bonus Audio CD included in package.
This to me is not a great live album. It is a great collection of TNT songs who could argue with any set list that contained brilliance such as 10,000 Lovers, She Needs Me and Intuition?
But it is just not a true live recording and watching the performance up close only magnifies the effects used to create the TNT live sound. And beyond that, there is no way that the audio from this DVD hasn't been touched up big time in the studio.
It is well known that TNT (and may others) use programmed backing vocals for their live concerts, giving them the ability to match the original versions of the band's harmony rich classics. I do respect the band's wishes to go that route in concert.
TNT is certainly not alone in doing it. Fans demand perfection from their artists and some of these classic songs are simply impossible to replicate live as they were recorded.
But I'm one that would rather that any artist go completely live and only reproduce on stage what is humanly possible giving the songs a true, raw, live, warts and all sound.
That said the energy and first hand experience of a live concert can see these things overlooked and forgiven.
It is a little different when sitting back in the comfort of one's own home, watching the concert on DVD. Those "enhancements" are only magnified and watching the guys fake their vocals puts me right off watching.
The whole piped-in backing vocals thing just looks fake. That issue is made all the more obvious and off-putting by watching the guy's front up to their microphones pretending to sing, while the backing vocals are clearly from their original studio recordings.
It takes away from the performance and just doesn't seem real. To be honest, I'm not even sure all of Tony's lead vocals are live from the night.
Everything about this live performance is just a little too slick and a little too polished and personally speaking, I don't like it.
To speak of the concert itself for a moment, what you get is a pretty slick performance on a relatively small stage at a club in Spain. The filming is crystal clear and the crowd is enthusiastic.
The band runs though a true hits package that includes a few early classics (10,000 Lovers, As Far As The Eye Can See, Intuition, Downhill Racer, Seven Seas etc) and a few newer classics such as She Needs Me, My Religion, Black Butterfly and Invisible Noise.
The 85 minute set is probably missing a few important songs, but this fact would not be so important if the band and Tony were still working together. Now they have split, it makes the need for a definitive live concert ever more essential.
The Bottom Line
The camera angels are not held for long at any given time, so the DVD looks to move fast and has a slick feel to it. It is a nice looking package and who is to fault the songs included classic stuff without question. But the overall vibe of the whole show and the studio enhancements are just not real enough for my tastes. Rather this should be considered a good greatest hits record.
I'll have to see what Mr. Harnell makes of my comments, but suffice to say, I doubt I'm going to be very popular with the now departed TNT frontman.
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Line Up:
Tony Harnell: Vocals
Ronnie LeTekro: Guitars
Diesel Dahl: Drums
Sid Ringsby: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Tony Harnell
Track Listing
Invisible Noise
As Far As The Eye Can See
Downhill Racer
A Fix
She Needs Me
Give Me A Sign
Guitar Solo
Caught Between The Tigers
Listen To Your Heart
Black Butterfly
Seven Seas
Forever Shine On
Fantasia Espanola
My Religion
10,000 Lovers (In One)

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