TNT Atlantis Bonnier-Amigo/Metal Heaven
· Produced By: TNT

· Running Time: 48.09

· Release Date: Out Now Scandinavia / October 31 EU

· Released:

· Musical Style: Pop Rock

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Songs: 58%
Sound: 80%
Well…it's less annoying than the last album – that has to be a plus right?
The kafuffle surrounding the last TNT album is well known and documented and I'm not going to spend much time reflecting on that. What I will say is that I still consider that album completely unlistenable and the songs really annoy the crap out of me.
The new album is for the most part more of the same, but better quality songs - if the style is of appeal. The retro experimental pop style has been retained and the songs are once again all over the planet (and sometimes off the planet). But – at least there are some likeable songs on this record and I couldn't say that about The New Territory.
That said, I will likely never listen to this album again either now the review has been written and I consider that a shame, as TNT were a band I would anticipate new releases from.
TNT have had their share of WTF moments through their history – the Firefly album was unpopular with fans and the cover of What A Wonderful World on All The Way To The Sun are just two examples.
Sadly the questions raised following the last album have fallen on deaf ears.
The band didn't listen to fans and one now has to accept that TNT is now a different band than what it was under the reign of Tony Harnell.
On a positive note – this album sounds better recorded and better produced than the last, but the songwriting here is still so left field it will require an absolutely acquired taste to appreciate. Good luck to all…
Track By Track:
Hello Hello is somewhat in keeping with the band's sound and at least has a hard edge riff underneath the song. Filled with Queen like harmonies that may not be to everyone's liking, but the song is ok.
An ok start yes, but doesn't take long for the bizarre to kick in and as early as track two we are already on a left turn. The mid-tempo Peter Sellers Blues is a fairly diverse and quirky tune with some interesting lyrics. But like the last album it is just too annoying to ever be played over and over.
Babys Got Rhythm continues the left of center obsession of the last 2 studio albums. This is a bizarre, fast moving pop rock track with a restrained chorus and an annoying piano riff popping up now and then. And is that a short sitar solo late in the song??
I absolutely hate Tango Girl. This jarring left of center rocker with a psychedelic vibe features a really annoying vocal that attacks my ears with a pitch that will cause damage if I have to hear it ever again. Horrible chorus, horrible verse, horrible lyrics.
Me And Dad is a little brighter. Leading off with an acoustic intro and a soft and soulful vocal, the song actually draws you in with its vocal warmth. The chorus unfortunately spoils it and the Queen-isms again appear out of nowhere. The mood builds and I really like the vocal. At nearly 8 minutes in length, you just know the track is going to turn bizarre at some point and that happens of course. The epic pop ballad has its moments and while I don't really like the chorus, the first half of the song has strong appeal.
Atlantis is an uptempo rocker that (for this album at least) is relatively straight forward in nature. There isn't a strong enough chorus to draw me in, but nice to hear a hard edge guitar sound again instead of the psychedelic noodlings of previous tracks.
The Taste Of Honey is one of those tracks that to me doesn't really mean anything, has another annoying chorus and generally daft lyrics. No real appeal sadly.
Bottle Of Wine is back to the psychedelic guitar sound and is another really annoying song. The chorus, the clapping, the shout-outs and the lack of structure.
Missing Kind is a darker number with some more familiar guitar sounds in play, but the song just goes nowhere. The soft chorus doesn't have any redeeming hook and the verse just plods along and on and on and on…
Love Of My Life I like. It has an instantly likeable riff and some straight forward and easy going vocals. And it has a good strong chorus at last!!! This is maybe as close to the "old" TNT as we have heard yet from the Mills fronted line-up. Decent song and there's even a "normal" guitar solo.
Well, normal didn't last long…Had It Lost It Found It is another jarring track to close the album. More strange melodies ensue and I can't say there is a lot to like here. The chorus is awful.
The Bottom Line
There's a few decent tracks within this album, but the overall theme and style is too close to the last album and I'm still recovering from that. It is a shame the band didn't listen to their fans and have continues to deliver left field material that has no real resemblance of the band that was adored by so many.
Vocalist Tony Mills does a good job with the material on offer and he should be no means be blamed for the band's decisions. But someone needs a reality check. And quickly.
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Line Up:
· Tony Mills: Vocals
· Ronnie LeTekro: Guitars
· Diesel Dahl: Drums
· Victor Borge: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· TNT - The New Territory
· Ronni Le Tekro - Solo
Track Listing
· Hello Hello *
· Peter Sellers Blues
· Babys Got Rhythm
· Tango Girl
· Me And Dad *
· Atlantis
· The Taste Of Honey
· Bottle Of Wine
· Missing Kind
· Love Of My Life *
· Had It Lost It Found It

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