Thunder Robert Johnson's Tombstone Frontiers Records
Produced By: Luke Morley

Running Time: 52.44

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 86%
Sound: 94%
Being free-agents has allowed British rock greats Thunder the freedom to do as they please. That has seen them fall into a very productive period which has seen three albums released in relatively quick succession since the band first stormed back with Shooting At The Sun.
Thunder know what formula works for them and over the last couple of albums have concentrated on delivering songs in their traditional guitar driven style, with that unmistakable hard edge and a bluesy swagger.
Robert Johnson's Tombstone continues that Thunder formula, so instantly you know who it is from the opening 30 seconds of the album and also that it will be a winner with fans.
The very nature of the style and sound of this album hits the spot with this long time Thunder fan, and the sound quality (thanks to the well trained ears of Luke Morley) is equal to the best albums the guys have recorded.
The only thing left to dissect is the quality of the songs. And the band don't disappoint there either, although I wouldn't rate this album quite as highly as the last two.
Once again Thunder knows what works, so fans get the usual blend of high energy rockers with punchy guitar riffs (Dirty Dream, The Devil Made Me Do It, Andy Warhol Said, Stubborn Kinda Love) and the odd blusier number (What A Beautiful Day, Last Man Standing and the title track Robert Johnson's Tombstone).
And no one should forget to mention the soft acoustic driven ballads which start slow and end with a bang (A Million Miles, It's All About You) and the very tender and reflective ballad My Darkest Hour, which shows an emotional maturity in the vocals of frontman Danny Bowles.
The Bottom Line
Otherwise, no shock and no real change of game plan for Thunder, which will please long time fans and recent converts alike. They genuinely are one of the most consistent bands in the scene right now and while I prefer the last album over this one, Thunder have again delivered another high quality, top notch record.
I might add for whatever reason I feel necessary, that the album title is not the best the band has come up with and the cover art is just plain silly. There I've said it now!
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Robert Johnson's Tombstone

Line Up:
Danny Bowes: Vocals
Luke Morley: Guitar
Ben Mathews: Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards
Harry James: Drums
Chris Childs: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
British Melodic Rock
Track Listing
Robert Johnson's Tombstone
Dirty Dream *
A Million Faces
Don't Wanna Talk About Love *
The Devil Made Me Do It
Last Man Standing
My Darkest Hour *
Andy Warhol Said
What a Beautiful Day
It's All About You
Stubborn Kinda Love *

--*Best Tracks

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