Thunder Bang! Frontiers Records
Produced By: Luke Morley

Running Time: 54.36

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 75%
Sound: 85%
We should never take bands like Thunder for granted. They are the kind of band that don't take a lot of the glory and yet pop up consistently each 12-18 months or so with a new album, which in most cases is consistent with the high quality the band has offered in the past.
Thunder's last album was in 2006 and like this, was a solid collection of classic sounding tunes that serviced fans, keeping them happy.
Bang! won't win Album Of The Year (but might be in the running for worst album cover of the year once again) and for me doesn't rank as their very best, yet it delivers most of what you wish of a Thunder album and should keep fans happy until next time.
Bang is a fairly commercial slice of Thunder rock, slightly softer than the last couple of albums as a whole, but still filled with great vocals, big guitars and that trademark rhythm section. I do think the songwriting is a little weaker than past efforts and I found myself over this album pretty quickly.
On The Radio is a cracking classic Thunder single and yes, it isn't likely you will hear that on the radio.
Stormwater is a likable rocker too, but the next few songs don't really hit the spot for me, which is unusual considering my past appreciation of everything Thunder and especially their killer debut.
It is the bluesy acoustic driven rocker Have Mercy that next appeals, followed by the soulful ballad watching Over You.
The Zeppelinesque rock of Miracle Man and Turn Left At California showcase a band willing to experiment while Love Sucks is again, pure classic Thunder.
The closing song Honey is among the best on the album, but overall they are a few songs short of a solid album.
The Bottom Line
I don't think the production is as tight as on past albums and for the most part the songs lack that chorus spark the band normally delivers. Still, Thunder deliver more than most bands are capable of and remain ever consistent generally speaking. Another album in a long illustrious career and of course we look forward to the next one.
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Line Up:
Danny Bowes: Vocals
Luke Morley: Guitar
Ben Mathews: Rhythm Guitar, Keyboards
Harry James: Drums
Chris Childs: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Track Listing
On The Radio *
Stormwater *
Carol Ann
Candy Man
Have Mercy *
Watching Over You
Miracle Man
Turn Left At California
Love Sucks *
One Bullet
Honey *

--*Best Tracks

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