The Poodles Clash Of The Elements Blistering Records
Produced By: Mats Valentin

Running Time: 60.50

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 95%
Sound: 97%
Their debut Metal Will Stand Tall was a sensational, attention grabbing slice of melodic hard rock Scandinavian style, but the heavier follow up Sweet Trade lost a little of that magic, although still got played almost as much as the debut.
Clash Of The Elements sees the band back on top with an album that blends the best of both worlds a heavier, punchier sound, but equal attention paid to the quality of the song writing and making sure those choruses really deliver.
My one problem here is that the band kicks off the album with a really poor choice of song. Too Much Of Everything hasn't got the punch or the quality of the rest of the album and in my view, the attempt here to be commercial up front fails the album as a whole.
Second track Caroline is a far superior track and a true ass-kicker. Its monster beat, monster chorus and contagious spirit would be a perfect album opener. I skip track 1 each time this CD goes on.
And Like No Tomorrow is the perfect follow-on from Caroline. Less intense, but another huge chorus and immediately likeable.
One Out Of Ten is a monster ballad as most will know by now, followed up by another ear crunching rocker in I Rule The Night.
Elsewhere on the album Give Me A Sign is as good as anything off the debut perfect commercial hard rock with an anthemic chorus; the moody ballad Can't Let You Go follows 3 individually diverse album tracks; and then the best track of all the absolute monster anthem that is Don't Rescue Me. Brilliant!
The album closes with a double shot of hard rock and then another anthem ballad Wings Of Destiny, which features some fantastic vocals and harmonies. Another killer track from an album that already delivers several classics.
The new general release version of this album from Blistering Records contains an acoustic version of the track I Rule The Night and two additional video clips (I Rule The Night and Like No Tomorrow).
The Bottom Line
In a word - essential! This is simply a great hard rock record and for me puts the band back on the map as far as anticipating what will come next. Fans of European melodic hard rock should not be without. Their best and most consistent record to date.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Metal Will Stand Tall
Sweet Trade
I Rule The Night

Line Up:
Jakob Samuel: Vocals
Henrik Bergqvist: Guitars
Christian Lunqvist: Drums
Pontus Edberg: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
The Poodles - Metal Will Stand Tall
Wig Wam
Track Listing
Too Much Of Everything
Caroline *
Like No Tomorrow *
One Out Of Ten *
I Rule The Night *
Give Me A Sign
Sweet Enemy
7 Days & 7 Nights
Pilot Of The Storm
Can't Let You Go
Don't Rescue Me *
Heart Of Gold
Dream To Follow
Wings Of Destiny *
I Rule The Night (Acoustic)

--*Best Tracks

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