The Jones Gang Any Day Now AAO Music
Produced By: Gary Stevenson & The Jones Gang

Running Time: 44.08

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Melodic Rock

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Songs: 75%
Sound: 85%
The Jones Gang are receiving quite a push in the US and I hope that translates to some well deserve accolades. The guys that make the band are the less known members of some very famous bands. Drummer Kenney Jones was a member of The Small Faces and The Who, Bassist Rick Wills is a man many will know from his long time with Foreigner as well as with Peter Frampton and The Small Faces and vocalist Robert Hart has had a semi-successful solo career, but has also fronted Bad Company.
A range of guitarists provide the rest of the album's instrumentation, such as keyboards and guitars, including Ronnie Wood.
So the trio teamed up and has recorded their debut album. Mainly using the songs of Robert Hart, with a few band co-writes, the guys have recorded an album that sees them sitting in a very safe middle of the road rock territory.
The band kicks off with a brash uptempo rock track in The Time Of Your Life, which features an updated sound, but after that, things step back a notch.
Robert Hart sounds in classic form during the melodic chorus, but I'm not sure the verse does anything for me.
Mr. Brown is more representative of the album's sound safer, acoustic driven adult contemporary mid-tempo rock, with a hint of brass thrown into the mix.
At times they compare to fellow Adult Contemporary rockers The Rembrandts.
The big single of the album is Angel, which deserves much attention, as it is a fabulous song. However, Hart fans will recognize the song as the single from his self titled 1992 release. I prefer the original, but it is still a classic ballad. With You is another very good ballad and a highlight of the album.
Elsewhere on the album the band varies things a little with the retro pop of She'll Never Know; the classic mid-tempo pop/rock of Lucy; the Rod Stewart rockabilly of Six To Midnight and the breezy Henry Lee Summer influenced Hole In My Soul.
Interestingly, things get a little jab in the arm towards the end of the album, with a couple of great closing tracks. It's here also that the band's past is reflected in their current sound. The very enjoyable rocker Where Are You sounds like The Who and Red Hot is a good uptempo album closer that has a definite Bad Company vibe.
More tracks in this style would have made a more challenging and enjoyable album.
Still, the songs themselves are catchy enough to draw the listener back in for more and Robert Hart's voice is a definite diamond in the rough.
The Bottom Line
The sum of The Jones Gang's music definitely comes from the member's individual influences and experiences. It is a varied record that could have been a little more adventurous. Time playing together should help the guys forge their own sound, for right now they do sound like the sum of their parts. The band could definitely have used a permanent guitarist, who could have put their won stamp upon the band's sound. I think it would have made the album that little bit more cohesive.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Any Day Now

Line Up:
Robert Hart: Vocals
Kenney Jones: Drums
Rick Wills: Bass
Ronnie Wood, Dave Colwell: Guitar
Dave West, Josh Philips: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
Robert Hart
The Rembrandts
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Track Listing
The Time Of Your Life
Mr Brown
She'll Never Know
With You*
Gypsy Lane
Six To Midnight
Hole In My Soul*
Where Are You*
Red Hot*
--*Best Tracks

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