Track Listing
Sacred Place
Up To The Mountain (1)
I Believe
Feel The Rain (3)
Speak Your Mind
Be There (2)
Get Down (To Get Back Up)
Love Keep On Shinnin'
Change Your Heart
Feel The Music
I Believe (Video Version)

(*) Best Tracks

Rough Cutt
Quiet Riot
Shortino/Nothrup - Back On Track
Badd Boyz
Shortino - It's About Time
Shortino - Booked, Toured & Released
Stand Or Fall

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Sacred Place
Music Works
Produced By: Paul Shortino & JT Garrett
Running Time: 51.26 Release Date: Out Now
Released: US Genre: Hard Rock
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Paul Shortino is back with his long awaited new album, released under the moniker Paul Shortino's The Cutt which is a name that will continue to be used.
This is a big heavy hard rock release, utilizing Shortino's unique vocal style and also the players around him.
There are a lot of players involved in the making of this album see the showcase for details.
But to name a few the main players are Jimmy Crespo, Brad Gillis, Howard Leese and Dave Whiston (Rick Springfield Band) on guitar; JT Garret on keyboards; Chuck Wright, Sean McNabb on bass; and John Homan on drums.
As I said, this is a rocking release.
In the tradition of former Paul Shortino releases, this album encompasses a little of everything, but is squarely blues hard rock based.
There are moments of Zeppelin-esque retro hard rock (Sacred Place); groove laden bar-room anthems (Up To The Mountain), moody melodic rock (Feel The Rain, Love Keep On Shinin') and of course, straight up hard rock (Speak Your Mind, Change Your Heart)
There is also the chance for an epic ballad or two Be There is a classy soulful rock ballad that highlights the other side of Paul's voice. Feel The Music is a little more laid back again and provides a good change of pace within the album.

The Bottom Line
Throw in some Hammond Organ, raspy vocals, stylish guitar riffing and soloing and the basis for a great blues hard rock album has been laid.
Fans of Paul's previous work will find enjoying this a no-brainer. Fans of blues hard rock artists like Richie Sambora and AC/DC should definitely check this out.
The album's all-star line up and quality songs will prove to be a draw card, as will the man behind the mike.

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