Tesla Real To Reel Tesla Recording Co. / Ryko
Produced By: Tesla

Running Time: 64.04

Release Date: Out Now


Musical Style: Rock

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Songs: 65%
Sound: 75%
As stated in the Poison review some covers album's work, some don't. This one works better than most, but I would still not describe it as a classic or something that I will invest a lot of time in listening to it beyond this review.
I have loved Tesla since their debut album arrived with a bang in 1987. I still rate it as one of the best debut albums of all time. Since then the band have consistently delivered quality albums and even after reforming, the last album Into The Now proved they still had that magic touch.
So once again I find myself questioning why the need for a covers album in the first place, but at least the tunes featured here have been Teslafied.
Tesla have followed the same path taken by Def Leppard, in delivering an album of classic 70s rockers in the same authentic style the originals were recorded in.
Now when we are talking production values, you could substitute the word authentic for crappy, as this is a long way from the high-tech wall of sound Tesla usually delivers.
This is a raw, stripped back and live in the studio affair and really is pretty loose sounding compared with what might be expected. But, while critical of this aspect, it does have this authentic feel and is clearly better than the Poison effort, plus the songs do have some energy to them.
For that reason I think there will be a number of Tesla fans quite satisfied with the results here.
The overall satisfaction of fans will depend on the individuals' appreciation of the songs covered. There are several here I have no time for whatsoever (Walk Away, Ball Of Confusion, Honky Tonk Woman, Bell Bottom Blues).
On the other hand there are some that are covered with perfect reverence and good grace (Space Truckin', Thank You, Bad Reputation, Day Of The Eagle, Dear Mr. Fantasy).
The Bottom Line
Basically stated for the die-hards and collectors only. This definitely doesn't have the cross over appeal or quality that the band's original studio albums have. Don't keep us waiting too long guys.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Mechanical Resonance
Great Radio Contraversy
Five Man Acoustical Jam
Psychotic Supper
Bust A Nut
Times Makin' Changes
RePlugged Live
Into The Now
Real To Reel

Line Up:
Jeff Keith: Vocals
Frank Hannon & Dave Rude: Guitar
Troy Luccketta: Drums
Brian Wheat: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Def Leppard - Yeah!
Track Listing
Space Truckin' *
Walk Away
Hand Me Down World
Bad Reputation *
Thank You *
I've Got A Feeling
Day Of The Eagle *
Ball Of Confusion
Rock Bottom
Bell Bottom Blues
Honky Tonk Women
Dear Mr. Fantasy

--*Best Tracks

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