Tesla Forever More Frontiers Records
Produced By: Terry Thomas

Running Time: 50.56

Release Date: Out Now

Released: World

Musical Style: Hard Rock

Links: Frontiers
Songs: 94%
Sound: 98%
Tesla's return to active duty came with the acclaimed Into The Now release, an album that saw them update their sound like so may others before them, but I think in a manner which worked for the band at the time. It was a strong album in my mind and I still think that today, although opinion is somewhat divided over that.
Forever More sees the band cementing the position of guitarist Dave Rude in the band (who replaced Tommy Skeoch after Into The Now).
Last year's covers release Real To Reel is behind them and new material awaits.
This album continues the contemporary leanings of Into The Now, but the masterful production, direction and co-writing of Terry Thomas (Giant, Bad Company, and Tesla's own Bust A Nut) steers the album back towards the band's legacy sound.
The guitar sound is still fairly contemporary and is tuned down to some degree, but the overall approach is far more in keeping with the classic Tesla vibe and coupled with some truly great songs, this makes Forever More the best Tesla album since Psychotic Supper.
The opening hard rockers Forever More (mid-tempo), I Wanna Live and One Day At A Time (both uptempo) signal the intentions of the band to shake off the modern tag that Into The Now received. Nothing but classic Tesla all the way.
The moody So What is the perfect blend of old and new and would have been a hit single 10 years ago.
From here the album takes a moodier turn with some really intelligent songwriting mixing hard rockers with acoustic driven mellower tunes, but all with a focused intensity that makes the album as a whole a great listen. The ballad Fallin' Apart is particularly brilliant.
All Of Me picks up the tempo again, but also provides a break in the intensity.
The First Time is a moody track turn rocking anthem that harks back to the old days and is an album highlight.
Pvt. Ledbetter is a raw, emotional look at war and in this case, the Middle East. The poignant lyrics are among the best I've heard from Tesla.
In A Hole Again rocks things up with a wall of guitars and The Game is the second hard rocker to end the album on a powerful note.
The Bottom Line
I'm really pleased to see a band involving themselves with a great producer and allowing that producer to bring the best out of the band. That's the whole point. Terry Thomas does a great job of helping Tesla just be Tesla and in doing so the band have delivered a truly great album and another highlight for 2008.
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Line Up:
Jeff Keith: Vocals
Frank Hannon & Dave Rude: Guitar
Troy Luccketta: Drums
Brian Wheat: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Track Listing
Forever More *
I Wanna Live *
One Day At a Time
So What *
Just in Case
Fallin' Apart *
Breakin' Free
All Of Me *
The First Time
Pvt. Ledbetter *
In A Hole Again *
The Game

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