Track Listing
· Klstrphnky
· Crave
· Rawdogs & Warhogs
· Damned If You Do (1)
· At Home There
· Cum N Gitya Sum-O-This
· Change My Sex (2)
· I Won't Go Away
· Pussywhipped (3)
· Goin' Down Hard
· Wang Dang Doodle
· My Baby Likes My Butter On Her Gritz
· Sexpot
· Earthtones

(*) Best Tracks

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Spitfire Records SPT 15174-2
· Produced By: Ted Nugent, Drew & Chris Peters
· Running Time: 56.13 · Genre: Hard Rock
· Release Date: Out Now · Released: WORLD
· WebLink: Ted Nugent · LabelLink: Spitfire

In-between killing things and a failed stint in Damn Yankees, the true wild man of American hard rock, Ted Nugent spent the better part of the last 12 months working on material for this new studio album.
Craveman is a return to the best of everything Ted is – brash, in your face, over the top and above all else – loud as hell.
This album oozes so much attitude and energy, you can't help but get sucked in.
Of course, to fully appreciate this album you will have to hold some affection for Ted's ways…loud guitars, politically incorrect lyrics, over opinionated ramblings…
You'll also have to appreciate Ted's raw vocal abilities. This album contains 14 tracks, with Ted the only featured vocalist. As raw a singer as he is, he really suits these tracks.
The best thing about Craveman is that it is a huge guitar record, Ted plays his ass off, with some of the best hard rock riff's of the year featured here.
For me, this is Ted's most consistent record ever, with the album flowing nicely through a few changes in tempo – or variations of loud hard rock at least.
Highlights include the Damn Yankees penned tune Damned If You Do, the opening modern rocker Klstrphnky, the hilarious Change My Sex and Pussywhipped and the straight ahead ear bleeding hard rock of Crave.

The Bottom Line
It's a bit over the top places, but overall, you won't find a better example of Ted's guitar prowess.
If you want a great loud guitar record filled with catchy lead breaks and hard rock hooks, look no further.
Possibly Ted's best album ever - certainly the best I have heard.
Great artwork, great running time. Good value for money.

Line Up
· Ted Nugent: Vocals, Guitar
· Tommy Clufetos: Drums
· Marco Mendoza: Bass

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