Taz Taylor Band Welcome To America Escape Music
Produced By: Taz Taylor

Running Time: 42.30

Release Date: August 25


Musical Style: Melodic Hard Rock

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Songs: 86%
Sound: 85%
Who is Taz Taylor and his band? That question is about to become easier to answer as once this album is released as Taz and Co. should find themselves on the receiving end of some new fans and a greater public profile.
Taz is a British guitar player that moved to the US in the late 90s and has been working on this album ever since. He has hooked up with a fellow Brit in Graham Bonnet famed vocalist for Alcatraz and Rainbow.
Taz is a fan of the classic hard rock style displayed by UFO, Rainbow and Michael Schenker and those influences play out over this record.
This record offers melodic rock fans a taste of classic British hard rock in the form of a gritty guitar dominated record that also features some fine lead vocals from Bonnet.
Bonnet has probably seen better days as a vocalist but this album represents one of his best performances in a long time.
The album is also very nicely produced. It is clear and evenly mixed, but not too polished as to remove the gritty edge such an album needs.
Star of the album for me though is Taz himself. While he may not be a household name, he makes a strong mark here with some impressive guitar work. There's a certain shred and solo component, but overall the album feels very restrained and well constructed. There are also a few very enjoyable passages of slower more delicate soloing, such as the cover of Gary Moore's classic Parisienne Walkways.
Highlights amongst the album include the rocking opening track Fighter's Fist; the melodic friendly Radio Luxembourg; the moodier Haunted which features an intense vocal and Wall Of Sound, which is think sounds like classic UFO.
The Bottom Line
Welcome To America is a solid album of traditional style melodic British hard rock, with some straight ahead rockers and a few slower more melodic numbers. It sounds great and is rounded out by some enjoyable performances by all concerned.
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Welcome To America

Line Up:
Graham Bonnet: Vocals
Taz Taylor: Guitars
Richard Livoni: Drums
Dirk Krause: Bass
Bob Miller: Keyboards

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Track Listing
Fighter's Fist *
Radio Luxembourg *
Parisienne Walkways
Happy Hour
Haunted *
Welcome to America *
Silent Fall
Wall of Sound *
The Reprise
Goodbye Mr C.

--*Best Tracks

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