Stryper Murder By Pride Frontiers Records
FRCD 422
· Produced By: Michael Sweet & Danny Bernini

· Running Time: 50.00

· Release Date: August 28

· Released:

· Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 85%
Prior to this I only owned two Stryper records. In fact, I also own the two Michael Sweet solo records as I think he is a very engaging vocalist. But Stryper were always a little too over the top for me. It was their Against The Law release that got my attention and their comeback album of 2007 – Reborn – was quite something. I viewed it as one of the few older bands that updated their sound with full credibility in tact.
So now I own three Stryper records and I think I have the best 3 of the lot. I think Murder By Pride is a fine record and sees the band retracing old steps without giving up too many of the steps taken forward on the last release. Once again for me the biggest appeal is the voice of Sweet.
This is a pretty diverse record, but I think it ticks all the right boxes to satisfy long time fans of the band.
The opening track Eclipse Of The Son certainly didn't give me a sense that the band were returning to anthem rock – this punk rocker is a little messy and might have been better suited elsewhere within the album.
4 Leaf Clover and Peace Of Mind are more fitting – the latter being a true to form cover of the Boston track featuring guest Tom Scholtz.
Other highlights include the aggressive and contemporary sound of title track Murder By Pride; the mellower and more melodic duo of Run In You and Love Is Why; Alive and I Believe are both very fine ballads – the latter being heavier and the former being more passionate – but both cool tunes.
The closing track My Love My Life My Flame is a haunting piano ballad with another superb vocal.
Elsewhere it's a little give or take….the production here is rougher and rawer than on the Reborn album and the style a little lost between two worlds.
The Bottom Line
A solid album and I have no doubt a welcomed record from long time fans of the band. A little varied in places, but there's no arguing with the performances or the vocals of Sweet. I prefer the Reborn album for its intensity and production quality, but there is still plenty to enjoy again here.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· The Yellow And Black Attack
· Soldiers Under Command
· To Hell With The Devil
· In God We Trust
· Against The Law
· Reborn
· Murder By Pride

Line Up:
· Michael Sweet: Vocals, Guitar
· Oz Fox: Guitars
· Robert Sweet: Drums
· Tracy Ferrie: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Stryper
· Christian Hard Rock
Track Listing
· Eclipse Of The Son
· 4 Leaf Clover *
· Peace Of Mind *
· Alive *
· The Plan
· Murder By Pride
· I Believe *
· Run In You
· Love Is Why *
· Mercy Over Blame
· Everything
· My Love (I'll Always Show)
· My Love, My Life, My Flame

--*Best Tracks

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