Statetrooper The Calling Indie
Produced By: Michael Voss

Running Time: 47.51

Release Date: Out Now

Released: UK

Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 85%
Sound: 89%
I am very impressed by the new Statetrooper record. On the back of the re-issue of their only other album, the UK hard rock outfit reformed and have recorded a brand new studio album.
The guys have seemingly ignored their time apart and simply taken off where the first album concluded.
The Calling is a very solid collection of British style hard rock anthems, based around a no-frills, no nonsense approach that sees a simple guitar/drums/bass arrangement accompanied by the authorative vocals of Gary John Barden and some super tight production from Michael Voss.
There's definitely a touch of the more melodic side of Iron Maiden here, along with a little Saxon but that's no surprise. At the time of the release of their debut, Statetrooper were right up there in representing the best of British hard rock and metal.
The new album simply continues that style, albeit in an updated 2004 way.
The Calling is a fitting launch to the new album, with a strong vocal and a great guitar riff and surprisingly melodic chorus.
Casablanca has a tasty guitar riff and a great vocal hook in the chorus, while I'm Alive keeps the momentum flowing freely with another good hook and a strong punchy sound.
Americanisms is yet another strong song that features one of the more AOR riffs of the album. A great mid-tempo chorus makes the song.
Love Lies Bleeding is the big ballad for the album, but even it ends up rocking by the end of the track and DOA picks up the tempo, moving into a furious riff fest.
Elsewhere on the album the high quality production and song writing continues.
There isn't a single filler on this release, which will delight long time fans and new comers alike.
The Bottom Line
Not too many bands make a comeback after such a long absence and deliver an album this consistent. I like the fact that it continues on from where the band left off, but also moves on and updates that sound enough to make it suitable for today's audience. A tight production and energetic performance make sure the quality songs get the treatment they deserve. Definitely one for fans of classic British hard rock.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
The Calling

Line Up
Gary John Barden: Vocals
Jeff Summers: Guitar
Bruce Bisland: Drums
Jeff Brown: Bass (Special Guest)
Martin Mikkels: Guitar

Essential for fans of:
Gary Barden
Iron Maiden
Track Listing
The Calling*
I'm Alive*
Love Lies Bleeding*
Don't Say Goodbye
How Does It Feel
Twilights Last Gleaming
I Believe

--*Best Tracks

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