Stan Bush Shine Frontiers Records
Produced By: Curt Cuomo & Rob Jacobs

Running Time: 41.00

Release Date: June 23

Released: EU

Musical Style: AOR/Melodic Rock

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Songs: 95%
Sound: 95%
For his brand new solo album Stan has plugged that electric guitar back in and returned to the very polished melodic rock sound that most fans favor. This is a simple, stripped back rock n roll record with a strong melodic rock/AOR feel that fans of the classic Barrage album will be pleased to hear.
This is a back to basics album. Ten tracks - all within the 3 to 5 minute range and all getting to the point in quick time memorable choruses and vocal hooks quick to jump in.
The style mixes the AOR of Every Beat Of My Heart with the more mature pop of Language Of The Heart and the guitar driven feel of Heaven.
Stan is in top form vocally and the best thing about the album is the clear and crisp production which allows all elements room to breathe.
Best of all, every track has a great chorus and additional memorable moments such as extra vocal hooks or great guitar riffs.
And the performances are just perfect for the songs. Is it any wonder why? Some of my very favourite musicians are involved, including guitarist Tim Pierce and drummer Kenny Aronoff. The line-up is rounded out with Matt Bisonette on drums and Curt Cuomo on keyboards.
Track By Track:
Shine is a first rate guitar driven pop rocker with a feel good message.
Falling is a slightly heavier and darker rocker, with that classic moody Stan Bush feel.
I Will Be There is a bare bones mid-tempo pop rocker with a mellow verse and a more edgy guitar driven chorus.
I Turn To You features another great riff and strong vocal. The extended chorus is subtle, but befitting the song.
What You Mean Tonight is the first ballad proper of the album. Typical Stan Bush, which is a good thing indeed.
Say It Ain't Love returns us again to the simple, but classic melodic rock style of Every Beat Of My Heart. The chorus picks up the pace a little and will please long time fans.
Have You Ever Believed continues the stripped back uptempo pop rock vibe.
Do It All Over is an album favourite. This is an anthemic uptempo pop/rocker in classic Stan Bush style.
The Chance You Take is another Every Beat Of My Heart style AOR anthem and adds to the class of the closing moment of the album.
When I Dream closes the album perfectly. Another classic, classy Stan Bush, slow but moody rocker with a great chorus hook.
The Bottom Line
The songs of Shine are all top quality and the performances and production (both with help from the classy Curt Cuomo) are among some of Stan's best work.
Another album that cleverly doesn't over do itself and features just enough tracks to make it long enough without any fillers. Easily his best album since Every Beat Of My Heart. Perfect melodic rock/pure AOR.
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Every Beat Of My Heart
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Line Up
Stan Bush: Vocals
Tim Pierce: Guitar
Kenny Aronoff: Drums
Matt Bissonette: Bass
Curt Cuomo: Keyboards

Essential for fans of:
Stan Bush
Tim Pierce
Rick Springfield
Track Listing
I Will Be There
I Turn To You
What You Mean Tonight
Say It Ain't Love*
Have You Ever Believed
Do It All Over*
The Chance You Take*
When I Dream
--*Best Tracks

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