Track Listing
They All Fall Down (1)
Tomorrow (2)
My World
Hello Hello (3)
She Was Dead
The Best is Yet To Come
Broken Handed
In My Mind
Non Toxic

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Discography & (Rank)
Honor Among Thieves
Now You See Inside (1)
Tomorrow (2)

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Butch Walker - Left Of Self Centered
RCA 07863 68130-2
Produced By: Mitch Allen, Butch Walker, Neal Avron
Running Time: 46.13 Genre: Nu-Breed
Release Date: Out Now Released: US
WebLink: SR-71 LabelLink: RCA

SR-71 are back with one of the most anticipated Nu-Breed releases of the year. Behind Butch Walker, I don't think anyone was looking forward to another nu-release more than this.
Having the great Butch on board for some of the production duties only increased the anticipation.
Which is why I am probably disappointed in this release.
Sure enough the album rocks like hell, but the variety and more melodic tones of the debut are not present. As far as what I hoped for, this record is not what I had anticipated.
It's still a great album and I will be sure to play it quite a lot, but not nearly as much as I spun the band's first album.
Why is this so?
Well, the album rocks hard no doubt about it. In fact, it rocks much harder than Now You See Inside, to the point where the band is almost unrecognizable.
That's great, but their unique brand of Nu-Breed rock n roll is somewhat lost and some of the album's charm goes with it.
Even though he only produces 4 tracks, the Butch Walker influence is all over this record. It's loud, in your face, aggressive and more modern in its sound.
No doubt that album co-producer (and vocalist) Mitch Allen was greatly influenced by Butch.
The charm of the debut was the band's modern rock approach, mixed with the very classic melodic rock style of Mitch's vocals. Unlike many other bands, his voice stood on its own merits.
On Tomorrow, Mitch sings so aggressively much darker, heavier and unfortunately is in places, so buried in vocal effects, anyone could be singing.
The melody has been all but removed thanks to an overload of vocal effects and sub-industrial screaming. This has left the songs having to work harder to be hook friendly. And I don't think it works as well.
Repeat listens helps bring those melodies out, but they aren't as strong or as instant as the last album.
There is nothing like Last Man On The Moon or the catchy pop rock of Right Now to lighten proceedings up.
There is nothing wrong with the album it's awesomely produced, immaculately played, well packaged and features 11 new songs.
I put any fault down to the style of the production and the lack or variety within the band's attempts to be more modern rock friendly has seen them abandon the parts that made the debut stand out from the pack.
Those complaints out of the way, there really aren't any duff tracks on show all 11 new tracks and the one bonus (unnecessary) remake of Non Toxic are solid - just not as memorable as they might have been.

The Bottom Line
The band's attempts to mark time with fellow modern rockers like Creed means that they have somewhat left their unique identity behind. That means some fans who flocked to the fresh and original debut are going to be left out in the cold.
There are few modern rock/nu-breed albums on the market as good as this, but I feel that the majority of the band's fans will favor Now You See Inside over this. That's certainly how I feel.

Line Up
Mitch Allen: Vocals, Guitar
Mark Beauchemin: Guitar, Vocals
John Allen: Drums, Vocals
Jeff Reid: Bass, Vocals

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