SR-71 Here We Go Again Nippon Crown Japan
Produced By: Mitch Allen & John Allen

Running Time: 50.30

Release Date: Out Now

Released: JP

Musical Style: Modern Melodic Rock

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Songs: 90%
Sound: 95%
A new line-up, a new label, old attitude. The band has returned to the punk/pop nu-breed attitude of their much loved debut and for the most part, dropped the more aggressive, heavier edge of the follow-up Tomorrow. Not that there was anything overly wrong with the sound of that album but the songs were just not strong enough.
Principle songwriter and frontman Mitch Allen has truly redeemed himself this time around, with a great collection of modern rock tunes that ooze class, melody and hooks.
SR-71 were the poster boys of the nu-breed movement after their classic debut, with this album destined to put them back on the map.
The band is different now, being that the line-up of the debut is all but gone, but the vibe remains intact.
This is expertly produced, uptempo power pop mixed with a punky attitude, modern rock feel and plenty of melodies.
Most fans will be familiar with the already released Axl Rose, which is a definite indication of the album's vibe. There are the lighter, tongue in cheek rockers like Rose, 1985 (classic lyrics), Here We Go Again and 15 Minute Idol (featuring John Allen on vocals) which pump the album along at a fine pace.
Then there are the darker, moodier and more intense numbers like All American, Everything and best of all - In Your Eyes, which is without doubt one of my picks for song of the year 2004. It's certainly the best nu-breed rocker I've heard in a long time and its melancholy darkness just sucks me in.
It's just a great listen and a great collection of songs - aside from the tongue in cheek country twang of the hidden track. I could do without that!
A special mention goes out to Mitch Allen for some truly great satirical lyrics.
The Bottom Line
Welcome back boys style aside the songs within are some of the best written yet and those into nu-breed style hard rock will dive into this and come up with a winner.
Fans of the band should not be disappointed I'll wager that the vast majority will find this a far superior album to that of Tomorrow and it will certainly give the debut a run for its money.
Overall it's a little darker and certainly heavier than Now You See Inside, but easier going than the sonic attack of Tomorrow. Basically it fits somewhere in between, featuring some very catchy and rocking tunes.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Now You See Inside
Here We Go Again

Line Up
Mitch Allen: Vocals, Guitars
Pat DeMent: Guitars, Vocals
John Allen: Drums, Vocals
Mike Ruocco: Bass, Vocals

Essential for fans of:
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Track Listing
Axl Rose*
In Your Eyes*
Here We Go Again*
All American
Blue Light Special Life
15 Minute Idol*
The One
Blood & Bourbon*
She Was Dead (demo)*
Hidden Track*
--*Best Tracks

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