Soul Doctor For A Fistful Of Dollars Frontiers Records
Produced By: Soul Doctor

Running Time: 40.35

Release Date: December 5 (Europe), Out Now (Japan)


Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 85%
Sound: 87%
I reviewed this a little while back for the Japanese release, but now it's on wider European release, I thought I would expand my thoughts a little. I like Tommy Heart's voice and I think Fair Warning have released some fine albums. I have previously been somewhat less that enamored with Tommy's side project Soul Doctor.
With little fanfare the guys are now up to album number 3 with For A Fistful Of Dollars and I think they have finally hit upon the right songwriting formula. Soul Doctor has a more straight ahead hard rock sound than the more flamboyant Fair Warning.
Drawing on influences from AC/DC to Aerosmith, Soul Doctor present their blusey brand of melodic hard rock with a kick-ass in your face guitar driven sound.
I think the band has a little more energy on this record compared to the first two and it's plain to see the songwriting quality is far better. Classic rock meets a modern edge with a Bon Jovi twist on Eatin' On Me and Best Way To Fade is simply a great hard rock song.
The bluesy rock ballad Remember adds some cool piano parts and Ten Seconds Of Love adds an interesting twist with a brass section. The swagger of She's Mine adds further variety and the album closes with an acoustic Aerosmith style blues number Cheap, Down N Nasty.
Vocalist Tommy Heart sounds in great form, with his voice dominating this record.
The Bottom Line
It is the band deciding exactly what they want to achieve here that helps build this album's consistency and from that, the overall enjoyment for the listener is enhanced. The guys have compiled some strong songs with more memorable choruses and for those reasons, this is the best of the three Soul Doctor releases to date and comes recommended to those that enjoy a straight ahead no BS approach.
The album still holds up strong some 2 months after it's Japanese release - that's a great sign.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Soul Doctor
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For A Fistful Of Dollars

Line Up:
Tommy Heart: Vocals
Chris Lyne: Guitar
Mario B.: Drums
Jogy Rautenberg: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
Tommy Heart
Fair Warning
Track Listing
Eatin' On Me *
Best Way To Fade *
Under Your Skin *
Where Do We Go
Ten Seconds Of Love *
She's Mine
The Trigger (Goin' Downhill)
Give Me A Ride (The Ride)
Cheap Down 'n' Nasty
-- *Best Tracks

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