MTM Music 0681-49
Produced by: Stefan Berggren & Stefan Jonsson.

Released: May / Website
Relatives: An AOR Whitesnake

  1. Come On Join The Party
  2. Dangerous Love
  3. Fire & Rain
  4. Calm Before The Storm
  5. There's Somethin' U Hidin'
  6. Should Have Known Better
  7. Give And Take
  8. Let The New World Around Us
  9. House On Fire
  10. Devil's Fire
  11. Endless Highway
  12. Move On

It's been a great year for music. There's been some classic melodic hard rock releases, a couple of great nu-breed style releases, a efw excellent heavy rock releases and also a couple of great pure AOR releases.
But there has been one area left unfulfilled, but that's about to change.
There is yet to be a classic straight ahead melodic rock record. One that's melodic without being soft, and guitar driven without being heavy and overly dramatic.
Snakes In Paradise have recorded such an album and boy, have they nailed it.
This is the band's 3rd album and comes two years after the last one. The band have had some great moments on their previous albums, but have never really nailed it from start to finish. They have this time. Every track on Dangerous Love has a great hook, a solid chorus and above all, some fine production, complete with harmony vocals, guitar solos and every element that AOR/melodic rock fans love to hear.
I have heard several of the demo's as this album was recorded and I must admit I wasn't sold on them, but this finished product took me by surprise and I am only to happy to report the good news.
I will say though, like all good albums with strong life spans, this one takes several listens for everything to click. Some songs are instant, but others creep up on you. In the end they are all classic.
As many would know, Stefan Berggren is also the vocalist for the bluesy Whitesnake off-shoot Company Of Snakes. Some of the influence of that band is present here but in my opinion this blows the COS record away.
Come On Join The Party is the album's most uptempo number and is a great bluesy rocker to open the album. In fact, I had to check the writing credits, as it sound so much like a classic 70's rock song that I was sure it had to be a cover. Not so, all tracks on the album are new and original.
Dangerous Love is an uptempo pop rocker with a feel good verse and catchy as hell hook/bridge/chorus. Fire & Rain is one of the instant classics of the album. Gloriously moody in a dark, Whitesnake like way, the verse features a dark brooding vocal backed by a hard edged guitar riff. The chorus sees the music get darker and heavier, while Stefan's vocals get more melodic. Bliss...
Calm Before The Storm is a mid tempo rock track with another great hook and chorus.
There's Somethin' U Hidin' is another instantly lovable track. A sweet melodic intro with some great vocal melodies leading into another strong bridge and a strong AOR chorus. A very stripped back, plain track made brilliant by the strong melodies.
Should Have Known Better features that hard edged guitar sound again and again sounds like a classic 70's rocker. Again, Stefan's vocal hooks and the subtle musical accompaniment make the track. That and another very strong, yet simple chorus.
Give And Take rocks a little harder. A punchy lead guitar leads the mid tempo song through a Paul Rodgers sounding verse, into a moody darker Whitesnake sounding chorus.
The uptempo, but softer AOR of Let The New World Around Us is another instant classic. This is everything AOR fans love about Scandinavian rock. Lots of hooks, strong vocals and a feel good chorus.
House On Fire is another feel good track, but a little slower in pace and could even be described as a little funky blues track.
Devil's Fire is an original little melodic rock number with a chorus and melodic hook that takes a few listens to get into.
Endless Highway is another original styled track, with the band flexing their creativity a little again. Another solid chorus, but takes more to get into.
Move On is yet another of those instant songs. This is a great way to end the CD, with a song that sounds like the ending of a story and is a fantastic hook and melody filled feel good song. The slow to mid tempo verse picks up a notch for the excellent chorus.
BOTTOM LINE: Simple - great song writing. These guys have nailed the essence to simple, yet hugely enjoyable melodic rock songs filled with hooks and vocal melodies that make this album their best yet and one of the best of the year for any form of music. Stefan sounds better than ever vocally and the constant fill of subtle melodic hooks in the music makes the album a joy to listen to over and over again.
ESSENTIAL FOR: Fans of straight up European style melodic rock/AOR. Some Company Of Snakes fans.
DISCOGRAPHY:Snakes In Paradise . Garden Of Eden . Yesterday & Today . Dangerous Love

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