Sinner Mask Of Sanity MTM Music
· Produced By: Mat Sinner

· Running Time: 49.49

· Release Date: Out Now

· Released:

· Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 80%
Sound: 87%
It doesn't come any more old-school than this. Supplement the 80s production with a more contemporary and fitting soundscape and you will get a traditional European hard rock record with all the attitude of metal's golden age.
This is not a metal album as such – it's on the heavy side of the hard rock spectrum, but there is no denying the effect from the crunch of the guitars and the solid rhythm section.
Riffs come freely and the album rocks along at a fair pace throughout.
These positives extolled, it could also be said that the album is rather predictable and in some ways unremarkable. There are no surprises here, which will delight long time fans, but possibly fail to inspire potential new fans.
I also not sold on the vocals of Mat Sinner. There is nothing wrong with them, but at a time when there is so much music to chose from within the same genre, I just don't think his voice is strong enough to turn solid material into memorable material.
Back to the positives – this is 50 minutes of no frills, in your face hard rock with a strong influence of classic Thin Lizzy. At times I can hear a little of Phil Lynott in the vocals, and the guitar playing also draws influences from the band.
It is no coincidence I guess, as the guys cover Thin Lizzy's Baby Please Don't Go to close the album.
Highlights are hard to pick, as each song sounds pretty close to the one before it – which for the converted fans means you get a very consistent album from start to finish.
The Bottom Line
More hard rock then the band's previous more metal themed releases, which will make it more accessible to those that want power without the overly menacing riffs. A straight forward release that is a little safe, but still quite enjoyable for what it is – even if it has all been heard before.
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Line Up:
· Mat Sinner: Vocals & Bass
· Tom Naumann, Christogf Leim: Guitars
· Klaus Sperling: Drums
· Frank Rössler: Keyboards

Essential For Fans Of:
· Mat Sinner
Track Listing
· The Other Side *
· Diary Of Evil *
· Badlands
· Black
· Thunder Roar *
· The Sign
· Revenge
· Under The Gun
· Can't Stand The Heat
· No Return
· Last Man Standing
· Baby Please Don't Go

--*Best Tracks

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