Silent Rage Four Letter Word Frontiers Records
Produced By: Gilby Clarke

Running Time: 41.10

Release Date: July 4


Musical Style: Hard Rock

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Songs: 45%
Sound: 54%
You know, bands will just make the albums they 'have to make', but whoever is in charge of selling it has to face up to the facts. Promoted as a 'natural progression' from the band's classic 80s melodic hard rock release Don't Touch Me There, this album is nothing like that release, and at best could only be described as a distant half-cousin, once removed.
There are a couple of Four Letter Words that could describe this release. The stark reality is that I don't see fans being happy at all with this.
There are several issues at play here. First has already been mentioned, I don't hear classic Silent Rage here. What I hear is an updated, modernized version that has more in common with the contemporary music scene.
Second is the production. Gilby Clarke's style is obviously a long way from that of the band's former partner Paul Sabu. This record is rough, raw and stripped back to the point that some tracks sound like demos and the style of his production is a hundred miles from the stadium rock of the band's Sabu controlled work.
Then there is the songs themselves. I just don't like them. That's really hard for me to say, as Jesse Damon is a true talent and I love his solo work and past Silent Rage records.
But these songs are simply not very likable. There are no big choruses, no stand out hooks and the delivery of them is so rough, and it is really hard on the ears.
And finally yes there is more the use of three lead singers across the album is further off-putting and makes the record even harder to get into.
The raw, punkish modern rock of You Could Be The One opens the album and sends up that red flag immediately. The bridge to the chorus is awful and the verse is messy.
Four Letter Word offer some glimpse into how the band used to sound, with that slightly Kiss-like vibe, but the production is just too raw.
Man Or Machine and Feel My Love are just plain awful both for different reasons, but both dreadful songs.
The acoustic driven Close Your Eyes is slightly better and more traditional in its sound, but it's not until Nobody Knows that you get another ok track.
The closing track Trouble has a little energy to it but that's about it.
The Bottom Line
This was one of those hard to write reviews. No one likes to see negative comments about a popular band and especially one featuring some cool guys. But I doubt I am going to be alone on this. I really struggled with this release and no matter how much I listen to it; there is just no warming to most of these songs and the production style is awful.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
Shattered Hearts
Don't Touch Me There
Still Alive
Four Letter Word

Line Up:
EJ Curse: Bass, Vocals
Jesse Damon: Guitar, Vocals
Rodney Pino: Drums, Vocals
Mark Hawkins: Guitar, Vocals

Essential For Fans Of:
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Track Listing
You Could Be The One
Four Letter Word *
Man Or Machine
Feel My Love
Close Your Eyes *
Sinister Man
Hard Habit To Break
Nobody Knows (Ballad of Andy & Glory) *
Bona Fide
I'm Not Lonely

--*Best Tracks

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