Shadowman Ghost In The Mirror Escape Music
· Produced By: Steve Morris

· Running Time: 56.52

· Release Date: October 22

· Released:

· Musical Style: Melodic Rock

· Links: Escape Music
Songs: 94%
Sound: 95%
At last Shadowman finally sounds like the sum of its parts! Vocalist Steve Overland (FM) and multi-instrumentalist Steve Morris (Heartland) team up for their third record as Shadowman, but possibly the first that sound exactly as I had hoped the guys would – the perfect blend of current era Heartland mixed with classic FM.
This is easily the best of the three Shadowman records and personally speaking it is already my favourite Steve Overland record to date.
In a year where the stakes have been set high, the guys deliver another high classic melodic rock release that should rank as essential for all fans of FM, Overland and Heartland.
This is a more uptempo record than previous releases and slightly heavier also, but still very much melodic rock. They aren't trying to be heavier than needed (such as the last Heartland record) nor too soft (such as the last album).
This is perfectly balanced, engaging melodic rock, with energy and spunk and I love it.
The rhythm section is a particular highlight here, with Thunder's Harry James really belting out the numbers. Steve Morris is filled with the great riffs that I thought were lacking on his last couple of record and Steve Overland simply sounds utterly phenomenal!
This is one of the performances of the year.
The record is mixed to perfection by Tommy Hansen and just sounds world class in every aspect.
And credit to al, the songs on offer are the most engaging and catchy of the three records to date and some of the best material Morris has delivered full stop. I hope his run of inspiration lasts into the next Heartland record.
Highlights are many once again – song of the year for 2008 is going to be a nightmare to adjudicate.
Road To Nowhere and No Mans Land are both high on energy and big on rock and feature some outstanding choruses.
Bad For You slows it down a little to inject some classic FM soul into proceedings. Colour Of Your Love is again high energy and catchy, catchy, catchy.
The soulful and anthemic Fire And Ice is another highlight, especially the killer lead vocal. I've Been Wrong Before is simply one of the year's best ballads and just drips soul and emotion. Blues City has another instantly catchy hook and great uptempo flow.
Little Miss Midnight is classic old-school Overland and closes the album with a bluesy uptempo swagger.
The Bottom Line
Power, finesse, soul and emotion…everything Steve Overland is known for, wrapped up in a set of songs that sees Steve Morris also delivering his best. This is an essential purchase for fans of Overland, Morris, FM and Heartland. Well crafted British AOR/melodic rock with punch.
Discography / Previously Reviewed
· Land Of The Living
· Different Angles
· Ghost In The Mirror

Line Up:
· Steve Overland: Vocals
· Steve Morris: Guitars
· Harry James: Drums
· Chris Childs: Bass

Essential For Fans Of:
· Steve Overland
· Heartland
· FM
Track Listing
· Road to Nowhere *
· No Man's Land *
· Bad For You
· Colour Of Your Love *
· Fire And Ice
· Here I Am Now
· I've Been Wrong Before *
· It's Electric
· Blues City *
· Out Laws
· Hard Ways
· Little Miss Midnight

* --*Best Tracks

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